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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Ryan Z Castro
      Great wheels and Great support!

      These wheels accelerate faster than I expected. Are properly stiff and light for climbs. Hayes is wonderful to work with as well. Running them tubeless and they hold pressure really well with my Schwable Pro One TLR

      David C.
      Built like tanks and spin forever

      I now have 100 miles on these and have had zero issues. I love the 58/62 offering as they provide the perfect mix of aero benefits, weight, and good looks. They get up to speed quickly, maintain that speed for long periods of time, and have had no issues with some of our crappy Houston roads. I'm running them Pirelli Pzero Velos and Conti Light Tubes. I was able to mount them all up by hand without having to ever break out a tire lever. Overall, a great value!

      Only one request...I wish these came with some Reynolds branded valve stickers to silence valve rattle. I'm running the Specialized Valve stickers and they work, but for matchy matchy's sake, it would be nice to have some Reynolds stickers.

      Corey F.
      Awesome Wheels!!

      Bought these as race wheels and they just ended up being my do it all wheels. These things are so fast and stiff. I've ridden with friends where they have to pedal just to keep up while I'm coasting downhill. Just a flat out fast set of wheels! For the few seconds I may lose on a climb I make up with a faster pace on the flats and down hill segments.