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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Great wheels

      Have been riding this wheels for about a year now on the South Florida fields and gravel and all around the Everglades and no problems at all . LOVE THIS WHEELS!!

      Kevin Fletcher
      Best wheels around

      Deep and fast on all-out road sprints, light for the accelerations and a true advantages on climbs while being superduper tough. I have taken these wheels on MTB trails, over many miles of mud, stage races, travel and I am continually impressed. Thanks for the sickest wheels out there, Reynolds!

      Troy D.
      ATR 700 - Wide, Stiff, & Bulletproof

      If you plan to tun tires wider than 30mm, these are fantastic wheels. I’m running 35mm Compass Bon Jon Pass, and the wheels are a perfect match. The tires measure 36mm at 40psi. Tubeless setup is easy. The wheels/decals look great, and I can’t wait to race them in the upcoming 2018 cyclocross season. Look good, feel good, race good!

      Jon L.
      Great value!

      Have used these wheels for couple early season gravel races and love them. For the money I would say these wheels perform as well as products that cost another grand and I'm pretty sure they perform just as well. Great product for Great price!