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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Flexible wheel, Zero customer service

      I bought a new set of these wheels in November of 2019. Immediately had issues with the front hub braking. They replaced it however the wheels have always had a weird flex to them that does not inspire confidence in the trail. I rarely ride them as a result. I originally thought it was the rear triangle of my Evil flexing and wound up switching frames, eventually I realized that it was simply these wheels flexing and causing the front to feel unstable and the rear to squirm. Spokes are tensioned and wheels are true, but they just flex more than my cheap Giant CF wheels. In fact the front wheel flexing caused a nasty crash over the summer requiring knee surgery. Contacted customer service with my concearns and safety issues and they basically told me there was nothing they could do. Would not ever purchase a set of Reynolds wheels ever again. Not worth it, and not safe.

      289 Black label 29” wheels

      I bough a set of used 289’s and am very pleased with them. Their light weight combined with their horizontal and lateral stiffness provide an extremely stable ride. I want to add that Hayes Bicycles warrantee and service are top shelf outstanding. In a very bad crash involving a Forest Setvice pickup I destroyed my front wheel. Hayes extended their crash warrente

      Very nice wheels! Worth every penny and a lifetime warranty? Do it!

      I got these to replace the stock wheels on a 202 Rocky Mountain Instinct Carbon 90 which had Race Face ARC Offset 30mm (internal) rims, a sealed bearing front rub and a DT 350 rear hub. First: bike weight dropped near a full pound (400 grams) just in the wheels. Win! Second: I9 hub engagement is crazy quick. I added more I9 recommended grease to the pawls to quiet it down a bit. Third: the bike had new life! It was more poppy, steered better due to the precision of the wheels, and felt so much better overall. Losing weight in the wheels was HUGE. I don't notice any difference in the tire shape or sidewalls due to the 2mm narrower rims.

      These wheels look killer, are dead straight out of the box, and spin forever, These are a fantastic upgrade. Do yourself and your bike a favor and pick up a set of these wheels.

      Great wheels!

      So far so good! These wheels are extremely precise. The difference is night and day between stock wheelset that came with my bike. Definitely best upgrade I could have made. The I9 hubs are amazingly smooth and engagement is instant. My bike feels like a high performance race machine akin to F1 race car. Stoked on these wheels!