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      Mara Pro in the News

       All in all, the Manitou Mara Pro is an independent damper that can take on the top dogs in the Enduro segment without batting an eyelid at an attractive price.

      --Chris Spath,, Germany
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       Small bump compliance is exceptional for an air shock. Coupled with good support and progression, that makes that Mara a high performing, rock-solid option for those looking to upgrade their air shock.

      --david hayward, singletrack magazine, uk
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      Work / Party

      The Mara Pro rear shock has two separate damping circuits that can be activated or bypassed by the Work / Party mode lever. Having two separate circuits allows the rider to have two no-compromise options, for climbing and descending. Work mode is a preset damping circuit designed for climbing. Party mode is an externally adjustable high and low speed compression circuit. It offers a large range of tuning for a variety of riders and conditions.

      Adjustable High-Speed and Low-Speed Compression

      The Mara Pro provides an independent HSC circuit providing an adjustable high-speed blow off point combined with a LSC circuit providing adjustment for chassis control and small bump sensitivity. This circuit is also easily removed for fine tuning and adjustment of the shim stack for at-home tuners.  


      King Can

      The King Can is a higher volume air can with internally adjustable air volume. Adjusting the air volume allows the rider to change the spring curve, either linear or progressive. This is helpful to fully optimize the entire stroke of the travel for different suspension designs along with riders of different weights, riding styles, and abilities.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Nate K
      Really really good

      I have been eyeballing and mulling a Mara Pro since it came out. Finally pulled the trigger and am running it with a Mezzer since I rarely run the same suspension company front and rear.

      Very composed shock, very controlled, and you kind of forget that it is there.

      The combo of Mezzer and Mara Pro is dynamite but if you can't spring (ha!) for both the Mara Pro is the best air shock I have tried and I can't say that I feel like I'm missing out on much of anything versus a coil.

      I like it so much I'm contemplating dumping my 2021 X2 and getting another Mara Pro.

      Eduardo Lopez
      Da best and I mean THE BEST!

      I was very skeptical about this product specially because you don’t see any pro athletes risings it but after took my super delux for service they let me borrow this shock and Oh My God I did minimal adjustments and I was riding n heaven after a week I really tweaked the shock n let me tell down here in Mexico there’s some big boulders ! It got me through them like they weren’t even there! Very very good shock extremely easy to adjust to where you want it to be very good overall!

      Great Shock

      I recently replaced my DPX2 with that Mara Pro partly out of experimentation and partly out of the fact my DPX2 whistled at me all the time. Overall it's a better shock. Slightly heavier than the DPX2, but it has more adjustments and is a very smooth in comparison. I like the 2 platform switch. Rarely did I ever find a need for the 3rd setting on a DPX2. I can tell the flexible piston on small chatter. Manitou Mezzer paired up with this makes for a VERY comfortable ride on general trail riding. No comparison to the Fox 36 and DPX2 combo. Whether in the bike park or pushing through choppy stuff at speed, the Manitou set up is superior.

      Only suggestion....make an optional remote for the shock. Would be nice to be able to keep hands on the bars and eyes on the trail. I feel the vast majority of trails are more rolling climbs and tech descents vs long sustained climbs and DH. Having quick access saves time in races and increases fun in general riding.

      Exceptionally Great Service!

      Thanks to all the people Hayes who go out of their way to please customers. I will definitely be back, not only for their quality products, but their exceptionally great service!