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      Mezzer in the News


      “On trails with many bumps, steps, and down features, the fork's performance is superb, filtering out a lot of hits (impacts) and bringing tons of comfort and softness to the cockpit allowing a restful ride.”

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       “In short, this fork is not only surprisingly light and wicked stiff, it’s also at the top of the suspension tune ability chart.”  

      -- brian gerow, singletracks magazine, usa
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      “Superiorly the Mezzer Pro works away impacts and provides a lot of confidence to the rider.”

      -- Chris Spath,, Germany
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      “...Between me and a housemate borrowing the bike regularly, this fork got absolutely hammered for several month straight, but didn’t stutter once.”

      -- David Hayward, Singletrack Magazine, UK
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      “The Mezzer’s a surprise performer, offering an excellent balance between small bump sensitivity and bottom-out resistance. It’s particularly capable no matter how deep into its travel or how hard you’re pushing it. The fork’s performance really impressed me."

      --Alex Evans, Bikeradar, UK
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      Mezzer Technology

      Dorado Air

      The Manitou Dorado Air spring system contains a unique balancing valve that equalizes the positive and negative air chambers during the air fill process. This gives the spring rate a consistent feel without any flat or dead spots in the stroke, along with giving riders of different weights the same initial stroke feel.


      Infinite Rate Tune (IRT) allows for advanced spring tuning by independently adjusting air pressures in the beginning and end stroke. IRT technology creates a secondary positive air spring that effects only the middle to end stroke of the fork. This allows the main air spring to be set to lower pressures for improved small bump sensitivity while maintaining mid-stroke support and moderate to aggressive end-stroke ramp-up.


      The Mezzer features our fully sealed cartridge MC2 Damper technology that provides an independent HSC circuit providing an adjustable high-speed blow off point combined with a LSC circuit providing adjustment for chassis control and small bump sensitivity. This cartridge utilizes a bladder with a blow off valve to prevent rupture under high pressures and keep your damping controlled and consistent no matter the terrain.

      Travel Change Made Easy

      The Mezzer is internally travel adjustable from 180mm down to 140mm. This is done quite easily by adding or removing the supplied travel spacers included in every box. For full details and step by step instructions visit the service manual found here

      Proprietary SKF wiper seals provide a smooth and buttery feel

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Stephen M.
      My favorite part on a new build.

      Initial 100 mile impressions are what the other reviews say -smooths out the small chatter, stays high in the travel. Running mine at 170 on the front of a GG Gnarvana out in the Appalachians. Never dives into rock gaps, always tracks where I want it to go, and a real set-and-forget piece of gear. Truly an outstanding fork.

      Jason Cass
      Great Performance

      Incredibly smooth on small chatter and provides excellent support on steep terrain. Staying high in the travel while swallowing large roots and rocks on steep PNW trails is awesome! This replaced a coil fork and feels smoother than that one.

      Dennis D
      Stiff chassis and compliant ride

      One ride in and couldn't be happier. Very stiff chassis, especially torsionally. Coming from the Trust Shout, MRP, Fox 34 and Rockshox products, the Mezzer is a huge step up. The IRT does what it claims and offers great mid stroke support. The suggested settings are a good start and leaves plenty of adjustment to play with. Very compliant without diving.

      Travel adjustment was easy, although you may need to purchase the slotted cassette tool from Manitou.

      Adrian C
      220lbs Rider - Ultra compliant - could not be happier

      The travel adjustment was simple, no crush washers or using a hammer. Very simple design well thought out, will make maintenance a breeze.

      I set the air to recommended specs and adjusted rebound by feel, compression full open initially. The adjustment detents are really nice feeling and give you a solid feel each click, no recounting required ;)

      The action was super supple of the get go, was nice to actually see some oil making its way onto the stanchions. On initial run I immediately noticed how much better the front end traction was and able to float through rock chatter and braking bumps without pogo action or feeling harsh, sooo stoked!

      The end stroke was really nice as well, I didn't even notice getting deep into the travel , which is nice. I may up the IRT a couple psi after some bigger g-outs and larger hits, but so really really nice.

      Huge congratulations to the crew that designed this fork! Its the real deal and everything you wanted your F36 to be out of the box.

      Andrew Patrizzi
      Smooth and supportive

      Super smooth action, basically zero initial stiction. I’d say it’s equally smooth to a Fox while being more supportive and riding a little taller in its travel. The Dorado spring and IRT is a great setup. I’ve been on a Mastodon Pro with IRT upgrade for a couple years now and it’s been a dream fork, the Mezzer is even better.