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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      i only got half the travel?????

      its 100mm ik but it only uses like 50% of the fork's stanshon as i hit a jump and land it only goes half way then hits i bought it from jensonusa idk if its there fault.

      27.5 TA

      Love it! looks as good as it performs on a Surly Lowside.

      Amazing Fork

      I bought a 27.5 for a straight steerer project Fuji hardtail that I was building on my youtube channel. This fork is amazing, in my opinion it is totally underrated and can perform along side big name forks. I was not hesitant to purchase the Markhor since I have had a great experience with Manitou in the past. I originally had a Manitou Mars Elite 26" for on my specialized Hardrock in 2000. I am still running that same fork on the same bike over 20 years later and it still rips!!! The fact that the Markhor has a matte finish was perfect for my Army inspired build with all parts being OD green and matte black. The edition of the more subdued stickers was excellent and not something you find at this price point! Well done Manitou! They will be my go to suspension company for my next projects as well! looking forward to some of the higher end offerings!

      Cant beat it for the price

      I bought this for the same reason you’re considering it. I wanted an air fork for my bike. I’ve had it a few months now, and it’s been 100% reliable. It knocked 2.5 lbs off my bike weight, and works amazingly well. My only warning to buyers is that you’ll likely need to add more air than the chart specifies to get the proper sag/ride quality. For example, I’m 185 lbs, and I think the chart recommends ~90psi for my weight, but I quickly found that ~120psi gets me 30% sag and the ride quality I like.

      Best Bang for the Buck Fork

      Got a 29er model (though running a 27.5 x 3.0 tire) with a tapered steerer and thru axle for my cheapo 60lb e-mtb. I also run a Fox 34 Factory and a Fox 36 Performance on my other bikes. I honestly was a bit hesitant initially due to its 30mm stanchion but took the chance after reading a few reviews. Glad I did! Fork is PLUSH! Im a bit of a clydesdale (230 lbs) and as stated running it on a heavy emtb, but I can't believe how robust this fork feels. Running about 140lb psi, I just cant believe the small bump compliance on this thing. Mid support is decent too. Took it to a proper trail over the weekend where there are plenty of steep, technical, rocky/rooty descents and this fork gave me a lot of traction and confidence! I mean it's no Fox 36 but I can confidently say that it punches above its weight class especially for a $200 fork. PROS: Price, solid feel, stiff enough (if it is flexy, I honestly cant even tell), extra decals, adjustable travel (kudos to Hayes for setting it up to 120mm for me), rear arch does protect stanchions/seals from crap, available tapered and thru axle, did I mention price? CONS: no adjustable compression damping/just simple on and off, 30mm stanchion just looks puny, matte finish (I prefer glossy).