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Mezzer Pro


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Featuring 37mm stanchions and our Reverse Arch design the Mezzer Pro is the stiffest Enduro fork on the market… it’s also the lightest. How did we manage to accomplish this you ask? Well, it’s not hollow if that’s what your wondering. In fact, this fork is loaded with technologies such as a fully sealed MC² damper, our proven Dorado air spring, and the life-changing IRT volume adjuster. What does all this mean? It means you no longer need to pick two, you can have the lightest, stiffest, and incredibly adjustable fork all at once.

•37mm stanchions, Reverse Arch design, and Hexlock SL2 axle combined together result in ultimate stiffness

•Originally developed for the Dorado down-hill fork, the Dorado Air Spring offers ultimate sensitivity featuring a self-equalizing negative air spring. When inflating the fork both the positive and negative air chambers are filled simultaneously equalizing the pressures to create an incredibly supple feel

•IRT (Infinite Rate Tune) volume adjuster allows control over the mid-stroke support and bottom-out progressivity independent from initial spring rate to independently tune small bump sensitivity and big-hit performance

•Sealed MC² damper provides a range of blow-off thresholds to satisfy any requirement with separate high-speed and low-speed adjustments. Utilizing a bladder, our new sealed cartridge maintains damping consistency in the most severe riding conditions.

•140mm to 180mm internally adjustable travel in 10mm increments (travel spacers included)

•27.5” and 29” wheels

•Integrated flexible fender can be installed/removed by three small screws threaded into the arch of the fork

•Wheel Size: 27.5" 29"
•Weight: 2000g (27.5") 2032g (29")
•Offset: 37/44OS (27.5") 44/51OS (29")
•Ride Height: 534-574mm (27.5") 554-594mm (29")
•Travel: 140-180mm Internally adjustable in 10mm increments
•Spring: Dorado Air w/ IRT
•Compression Damping: MC2 Sealed Cartridge
•Rebound Damping: Sealed Cartridge TPC
•Adjustments: Air, IRT Pressure, Rebound, HS and LS Compression
•Steerer: 1.5" Tapered
•Crown: Forged Aluminum, Hollow Bore
•Leg Diameter: 37mm
•Leg Material: 7000- Series Butted Wall Aluminum
•Brake Post Mount: 180mm (223mm Max)
•Axle: 15mm x 110mm Hexlock
•Max Tire Size: 69mm w/ Fender 74mm Without
•Options: Fender Kit
•E-pac: Yes 44OS 140-180 (27.5") 51OS 140-160mm (29")

Mezzer in the News

“On trails with many bumps, steps, and down features, the fork's performance is superb, filtering out a lot of hits (impacts) and bringing tons of comfort and softness to the cockpit allowing a restful ride.”


“In short, this fork is not only surprisingly light and wicked stiff, it’s also at the top of the suspension tune ability chart.”


“The Mezzer’s a surprise performer, offering an excellent balance between small bump sensitivity and bottom-out resistance. It’s particularly capable no matter how deep into its travel or how hard you’re pushing it. The fork’s performance really impressed me."


“Superiorly the Mezzer Pro works away impacts and provides a lot of confidence to the rider.”


Dorado Air

The Manitou Dorado Air spring system contains a unique balancing valve that equalizes the positive and negative air chambers during the air fill process. This gives the spring rate a consistent feel without any flat or dead spots in the stroke, along with giving riders of different weights the same initial stroke feel.


Infinite Rate Tune (IRT) allows for advanced spring tuning by independently adjusting air pressures in the beginning and end stroke. IRT technology creates a secondary positive air spring that effects only the middle to end stroke of the fork. This allows the main air spring to be set to lower pressures for improved small bump sensitivity while maintaining mid-stroke support and moderate to aggressive end-stroke ramp-up.

Manitou Mezzer Top Cap


The Mezzer features our fully sealed cartridge MC2 Damper technology that provides an independent HSC circuit providing an adjustable high-speed blow off point combined with a LSC circuit providing adjustment for chassis control and small bump sensitivity. This cartridge utilizes a bladder with a blow off valve to prevent rupture under high pressures and keep your damping controlled and consistent no matter the terrain.

Travel Change Made Easy

The Mezzer is internally travel adjustable from 180mm down to 140mm. This is done quite easily by adding or removing the supplied travel spacers included in every box. For full details and step by step instructions visit the service manual found here

Customer Reviews

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Game changer

I have read so many reviews on this fork. All positive, but from heavy riders. Then I found a review from a lighter weight rider and it was great again. I'm 75kg and decided to give it a go. I'm a hardtail rider and it's hard to find a good fork and set it up long and have it so the front doesn't dive to much when it doesn't have to and still keep a soft ride. This fork is nothing like my pike. It's different. Factory settings and I feel more of the bumps but without any of the harshness. So it's firmer but it's softer. Took it to 1 of the rocky trails on the Swedish enduro circuit yesterday, only the 3rd ride of the season for me and the front felt great and gave me a shitload of confidence. Followed a couple of locals down a black trail and told them to take it easy and ride as you would a hardtail. It was to easy so next run I told them to ride as they normally do. This fork ate everything and I confidently keep up with the enduro and dh bikes. If you love to ride fast rough stuff I definitely suggest this fork. It will feel strange first ride, but you will soon love it!

A Truely Excellent Fork

The Mezzer Pro I bought for my long travel enduro bike was so good, I bought a second one for my shorter travel trail bike. One of, if not THE best, enduro/trail forks on the market. This is especially true if you value more mid-stroke support. The three chamber air spring, coupled with a firm damper setting (that doesn't result in spiking), provides mid-stroke control that cannot be replicated on an OE fork (e.g. Fox, Rockshox). Would recommend with a few caveats.

1. Some people like the less supportive beginning and mid-stroke portions of the OE springs. They seem to like the off the top suppleness provided by less pressure and more tokens (which almost always results in very little mid-stroke support, followed by a steep ramp up in end-stroke support). If that is your preferred set up, you may not find the Mezzer Pro to be so much of an upgrade.

2. You can expect that it will take some extra time/effort to develop knowledge of how the three chambers interact to get an optimal set up. The three chamber air spring does not operate like OE forks using standard springs and volume tokens. It is incorrect to see the IRT chamber as either an add-on to what the standard OE offerings have, or as a replacement for the volume token system of standard OE systems. The Mezzer Pro operates in a different way.

3. The rebound tune can run a little slow. It might be too slow for light weight/low air pressure riders. If you fall in that camp, you many need a service re-tune to find an optimal set up.

Super Nice!

When I first got the fork and set it up, it didn't ride too well. Then I ended up watching a video on how to set it up and saw I was doing it wrong! After following the right steps in order, these forks (I have 2) came alive! I've been riding Manitou since the '90's and STILL have my EFC! Thanks for the great products from over the years!

Sam L
Improvement over Lyrik

Still dialing it in but so far it feels much better than my lyrik, especially the way it resists bottoming out yet stays smooth deep into the travel.

My favourite fork

I run this fork with 170mm travel on my enduro bike and 130mm travel on my trail bike. I love that it can provide an immense amount of midstroke support while still being very supple off the top. My only gripe is that the fender is quite flimsy - if Hayes came out with better 2.0 fender I'd buy it immediately. There are a lot more settings to play with than most forks, but Manitou's recommendations seem to do a pretty good job getting the setup in the right ballpark and it's fairly easy to tweak things to your liking from there.

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