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      You wake up at 5:00 am in your plush hotel room. You’re drowsy, but luckily you prepared for this by packing your portable espresso machine. Post-espresso slam you hop in the shower, it’s race day, and that means race day razor. You need to make sure your legs are smooth, because that’s what the pros do, and pros are fast. Next, you slide into your freshly dry-cleaned skin suit and hit the road. It’s time to race. You pull up to the event, hop out of the car, throw on your headphones, and pop onto the trainer to spin it out. You see the competitors, circled up around a truck laughing and not warming up, that’s not for you. No distractions on race day. At the start gate you disregard the competitor advances and pleasantries, you are focused and determined to get the gold. The starting gun erupts, the race is on, you push hard on the double track because you know it is your strong suit, you can hold off everyone in the single track as long as you get there first, this is your strategy throughout the race. Once the race is done you pack up your things, hit the road, and plan out your rides to train for the next event.

      While this pre-race ritual resonates with some, we understand it does not reflect the entire category of XC riders. So, what about the other guys? The riders who camp at race venues, and maybe have one too many beers around the campfire the night before. The riders who would rather sprint for a chance at some air off a stump than save it for the climb. The riders who look for components that allow them to race XC on Sunday, hit some flow trails on Wednesday, smash rock gardens and get tech on Friday, and do it all again the next week. Don’t they deserve a bit of love too?

      Well, we think they do. Which is why when we developed an all new XC group we kept both riders in mind. To do so is not easy, our engineers needed to find the perfect balance between weight, stiffness, and reliability that best served both audiences simultaneously. This meant countless hours staring into computer screens, weekend runs into the office to check on tests, and an unhealthy amount of energy drinks. As they say, hard work pays off, and we are proud to announce an all new collection suitable for all XC riders no matter their focus on the trails.


      Duroc 30 PRO

      Building upon the already proven Düroc platform the new Düroc 30 Pro features the same trusted double wall, welded alloy tubeless rim but is now blessed with the gift of water transferred decals and a fast engaging all new Super Bubba X hub.