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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Adrian C
      Light and stiff, the hub engagement is pure performance

      The wheels feel amazing so far and extremely light, they spin up like a flywheel and I definitely feel faster climbing on these wheels. Initially I was not sure about the Hydra up sound but its not bad. I really didn't think the fast engagement was something I would notice but its one of those things once your try it you get it. Much better on techy moves...overall made me a better rider!

      Derek Melberg
      Blacklabel 29er Wide Trail Wheels

      This is a short-term review. Only have about 6 rides in. Between the new wheels and tires I dropped about 750g/1.5 pounds off of my bike, which made a big difference in the feeling of acceleration. Wheels are very stiff which you can feel on high speed burms and g-outs. Wheels look great (understated graphics) and were incredibly easy to set up. Was able to set up tubeless with a floor pump. One note is that the tubless valves need to be seated into the valve holes. They wont just press in all the way with your fingers or by tightening the locknut. I used a small softblow hammer to get them seated all the way into the rim.

      Blacklabel 29er Wide Trail

      Great wheels, love the hub engagement and are perfect size for my 2.8 Rekons. Light weight with easy tubeless setup, and nice understated graphics. Very pleased with wheels so far.