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Manitou | Mastodon Pro LE Snow Camo -
Manitou | Mastodon Pro LE Snow Camo -

Mastodon Pro LE Snow Camo


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New for 2022 we have released a limited edition Mastodon Pro with a particular graphic design that pays homage to its frigid weather application. The Mastodon Pro LE Snow Camo, as its name would suggest, boasts a snow camo paint scheme paired with blaze orange decals. Available in the extended ride height version only, the Mastodon Pro LE will be produced in a one-time, 300-unit production run. No more will be produced and, once these are gone, they are gone! The limited-edition Mastodon Pro LE will turn heads thanks to its amazing performance and its unconventional yet captivating graphic treatment.

•Limited Edition Snow Camo finish
•Internal travel adjustment from 100-140mm
•Dorado Air Spring
•Tire clearance up to 26" x 5.15"

•Wheel Size: 26'' / 27.5'' Fat
•Weight: 2172g
•Offset: 51mm
•Travel: 120mm (Adjustable between 100mm-140mm)
•Spring: Dorado Air w/IVA
•Compression Damping: MC²
•Rebound Damping: Half Cartridge Adjustable TPC
•Adjustments: Air, Air Volume, Rebound, LS and HS Compression
•Steerer: 1.5'' Tapered
•Crown: Forged Aluminum, Deep Bore Hallow
•Leg Diameter: 34mm
•Leg Material: 7000 - Series Butted Aluminum
•Brake: Post Mount 180mm (203mm Max)
•Axle: 15mm x 150mm Hexlock SL
•Max Tire Size: 26x5.15'' / 27.5 x 4.5''
•E-Pac: Yes

The MASTODON PRO LE will be produced
in a one time, 300-unit production run. No
more will be produced and, once these are
gone, they are gone.

"The Mastodon has made my fatbike a great all around choice no matter the ride or season. The performance and stiffness is exactly what I was looking for when I started riding them. I’m happy to be riding the newest and best looking version! "

- Pat Smage

Dorado Air

The Manitou Dorado Air spring system contains a unique balancing valve that equalizes the positive and negative air chambers during the air fill process. This gives the spring rate a consistent feel without any flat or dead spots in the stroke, along with giving riders of different weights the same initial stroke feel.


The Mastodon Pro features our fully sealed cartridge MC2 Damper technology that provides an independent HSC circuit providing an adjustable high-speed blow off point combined with a LSC circuit providing adjustment for chassis control and small bump sensitivity. This cartridge utilizes a bladder with a blow off valve to prevent rupture under high pressures and keep your damping controlled and consistent no matter the terrain.

Manitou Mastadon LE
Manitou Mastodon LE
15 x 150mm Hexlock SL Axle

The trusted Manitou Reverse Arch requires less material for maximum torsional stiffness making for a lighter yet better performing structure. Its stiffness is even further improved when combined with the Manitou Hexlock SL thru axle.

Customer Reviews

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Very squish, much fun

I wanted this one since it came out, but didn't want to pay extra for just a paint job, well lucky me finding this LE on sale right after 3rd Gen was released. The paint job is amazing, it blends in with winter trails so nicely and I will keep the orange stickers for sure.

Now to the performance. It is sooooo smooth, it's crazy, this is the first year for me when I finally started to run premium high end suspension on my full squish bikes, and this Mastodon is one of the smoothest of them all. It feels like warm butter, like really, it goes into travel so nicely. I didn't ride it much yet and this is a dedicated winter-only only bike\fork when trails actually much smoother. But I am looking forward for more grip and tricks and fun with added from suspension.

The only experience I have with fat bikes forks is older RS Bluto, and while I like RS products, Mastodon is just on another level. Another things is - after obtaining service tools ( cut out cassette tool and thin deep 8mm socket) I am blown away by how easy it is to work on these forks for as an occasional home mechanic. It is a breath of fresh air in the world of super complicated suspension that just not worth servicing yourself. Koodos to Hayes team for providing detailed manuals that are easy to follow

NH Gnome
Ready to give it a go. Waiting for snow.

Badass graphics. This is going on my Norco Bigfoot VLT. A little assisted snowplowing!

Awesome Fork - VERY Smooth

I installed this on my Fezzari Kings Peak using 27.5 x 4.5 Terrene Cake Eaters and so far I'm loving it. I splurged on the LE just because I thought it would look nice with my white and orange frame. Plenty of room between the crown and the tire. It has really tamed the bounciness of the front end on those rocky sections with no snow. The only minor negative I would give is that the two high and low speed compression dials on the top of the fork I received are very stiff to turn (especially the black dial) and the edges of the dials are a little bit sharp (probably enhanced by how stiff they are to turn) but, now that I have them both set up no issues. Very happy with my purchase so far. Thanks.

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