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      After years of pioneering the development of carbon rims, we understand what it takes to create the best carbon wheels. First, we start by understanding what the needs are for each type of rim we are building. There is no such thing as ‘one composite fits all’ approach here at Reynolds. We identify the crucial stress zones for each type of carbon rim family and engineer from there. When it comes time to layup a carbon rim, we utilize only the highest grade materials that meet our strict specifications for assembly in our own facilities. Our continued focus on creating the best carbon fiber wheels on the market has given us the confidence to offer a Lifetime Warranty.


      The engineers at Reynolds specify the exact carbon fiber construction for each section of a given rim to meet the demands that riders will place on them. They employ hybrid modulus laminates with variable chemistry resins to obtain the optimal balance of strength, weight and overall ride quality to produce the best rim for each predetermined purpose.

      Reynolds identifies six individual sections of the rim structure, building in strength where it is needed and saving weight wherever possible, all in the name of optimizing performance. The spoke face and nipple bed are the points that translate torque from the hub to the outer diameter of the wheel and must therefore be incredibly robust. The sidewall of the rim tends not to incur such heavy loads and can therefore be a place to find weight savings. The tire channel and rim bead must tolerate not only tire pressures, but also crushing forces from impact. And the brake track area in the case of rim brakes, must also contend with the added pressure and heat from hard and extended braking.


      CR6, or carbon rim six, is the most complex construction process we employ. It utilizes different layup and resin schedules for each of the six rim sections described above and is how we build the incredibly complex structures that comprise our AERO rims.