SUNringlé | Düroc LE SD37 PRO 27.5" - Rear 148x12 Boost
SUNringlé | Düroc LE SD37 PRO 27.5" - Front 110x15 Boost
SUNringlé | Düroc LE SD37 PRO 27.5" -
SUNringlé | Düroc LE SD37 PRO 27.5" -
SUNringlé | Düroc LE SD37 PRO 27.5" -
SUNringlé | Düroc LE SD37 PRO 27.5" -

Düroc LE SD37 PRO 27.5"


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Introducing a limited edition of our Duroc Pro SD37 wheels equipped with 3D Violet anodized Ringlé Super Bubba hubs paying homage to the original Super Bubba’s of the past. The new Super Bubba’s have evolved to a state-of-the-art hub featuring our Clock’D dual-adjustable ratchet ring technology. Clock’D allows the rider to adjust the 6-pawl system from 8º of engagement for heavy-duty use to 4º of quick engagement for technical riding by simply offsetting the keyed ratchet rings. To keep things strong and durable the hub shell is forged then machined out of lightweight 6061 aluminum and is paired with a stout 7075 aluminum axle. Symmetrical front endcaps, tool-free service, and one size (6902) bearings used throughout make maintenance a breeze.

Laced to our race proven Duroc SD37 rims, featuring straight pull spokes and alloy nipples these wheels were designed to withstand the gnarliest conditions. The ultimate rim strength of our Duroc SD37 rims comes from the careful combination of bead hook width, sidewall thickness, and spoke bed thickness. Whether you’re on an enduro racetrack or poking a whip out a bit father than you can bring back, you can rest assured that your Duroc SD37 rims will provide you with the strength you need to hit lap after lap until you get it right.

As a bonus, we’ve included both an XD and Microspline freehub body, torque caps, tubeless valves, and sealant in the box for easy swaps without needing to purchase additional items.

•Limited Edition 3D Violet Ringlé Super Bubba Hubs with Clock'd technology
•SUNringlé Tubeless Ready: Factory Taped, with valves
•Welded Seam
•XD Freehub Body installed / Micro Spline Freehub Body included

•37mm Outer Rim Width
•32mm Inner Rim Width
•28 Wheelsmith DB14 Spokes/brass nipples
•110x15 Boost Front Hub
•148x12 Boost Rear Hub
•550g Rim Weight (27.5''), 597g Rim Weight (29'')
•4 or 8 degrees Hub Engagement
•940g Front Wheel Weight (27.5''), 933g Front Wheel Weight (29'')
•1108g Rear Wheel Weight (27.5"), 1156g Rear Wheel Weight (29")

•Tubeless Sealant
•Tubeless Valves
•Micro Spline Freehub Body

Ringlé Super Bubba with Clock'd

CLOCK’D is our dual ratchet ring and dual row pawl technology allowing engagement to easily be changed between 4° and 8° by clocking one of the two ratchet rings.

Super Duty (SD) Rims

SD is the moniker given to the construction of SUNringlé DÜROC SD mountain bike rims. Clearly, these rims must stand up to considerable abuse, so critical areas of the rim are designed to have improved sidewall protection and dent resistance to handle the demands of enduro, gravity and e-bike use.

SUNringlé Tubeless Ready

STR used in SUNringlé Düroc, Mulefüt and JUNIT mountain wheels is our approach to balancing a shallow rim channel, shorter sidewalls and bead humps for easy tire installation and inflation, optimum tire profile and improved tire bead retention.

Customer Reviews

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steven Neuscheler
Strong, Great looking and sounding wheel!

I have taken this on some gnarly DH trails and it has stood its ground. Its very nibble in the corners and pretty light. The Hub is great quality and perfect loudness to it so people can hear me behind them. Definitely recommend this to anyone.

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