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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Mike Green
      Superb fork

      I bought this to use on an electric cargo bike, and it's exceeded my expectations. It made a huge improvement in compliance and handling over the cheap stock fork, and everything feels top-quality. Very responsive adjustments and very refined damping feel; it simply eats curbs and drops, and the stiffness is really noticeable and confidence-inspiring at high speed (up to 70 km/h so far) compared to the low-grade fork it replaced. Awesome bottom-out control too.

      It's so nice to have a high-quality suspension option in this wheel size.

      Brady Stoffer
      Just like the big dog but smaller

      I think its goofy to give the fork a negative review because YOU didn't understand what your buying. Of course you cant return after cutting the steerer tube lmfao Why would you even cut it if you were unsure. It doesn't matter if its a junior fork or a full sized fork your asking it to do something that most cannot. Maybe theres one out there that can but that's surely not common practice. If you knew or even thought you would have to adjust to accommodate geometry of negative headtube angles etc than why wouldn't you order the bigger fork? Thats exactly why they offer them with more travel. To accommodate various riders needs. I couldnt help but laugh reading your review because it seems like your upset with them because you bought the wrong fork expecting it to do something that no fork can do. Then got upset because you couldnt return it after cutting the steerer tube, In pretty sure no company would be down for that. Sorry it worked out that way for you. For us the fork is the Dream!! Much better than I thought it would be. little mans ripping

      Thanks for your review! #bigdog #junit #manitou

      Fork Length

      Manitou Hayes needs to improve the product description of the fork lengths for this fork and how the various lengths 100, 120, 145mm come from the factory. I purchased a 100mm JUNIT Expert 24 thinking that I would adjust the travel longer to match the crown to axel length, but the 100mm cannot be made longer than the existing crown to axel length. Looking at the tech docs, it looks like there are two different upper lengths for 100/145 mm (wonder how 120 comes from the factory), so don't purchase the one that is too short. Maybe the 145 can be shortened, but not the other way around. I called Hayes and the customer service agent couldn't confidently tell me the difference and what fork I needed to originally purchase. Hopefully, you don't end up purchasing the wrong fork that can't be adjusted properly because it will change your kid's bike geometry negatively. I had already cut the steerer tube when my local bike shop (trying to adjust length and travel) informed me that it couldn't be lengthened and so now I can't return.