Victorious weekend at the GF del Durello, the Italian campaign approaching the important events, passed through here and the Torpado Kenda Factory riders did not miss the opportunity to bring 2 jerseys onto the overall podium. 

Jakob Dorigoni has now accustomed everyone to his coldness and on explosive courses like that of the Durello GF he is simply unstoppable. The third best Italian of the Cape Epic and already winner of the Salento Marathon this year and 3 podiums at the Andalusia Bike Race, was the one who showed only the rear wheel of himself today. In the first phase of the race the couple Jakob Dorigoni and Peeter Pruus put their Torpado Reneros in front of the group to carry out the first skimming. The great control of both TorpRiders allowed the lead of the race to be managed with great care, selecting a small group to fight for the victory. 

Jakob Dorigoni followed by Peeter Pruus launched the first attack and then the change of pace right in the middle of the race by Jakob Dorigoni who chose to continue completely alone. A disruptive action with which the Bolzano native immediately gained a huge advantage, reaching 1'40" over his pursuers where our Estonian champion Peeter Pruus was expertly positioned and made sure to leave room for Dorigoni's solo action. 

At the finish line in San Giovanni Ilarione Jakob arrived alone, with a single wheel, to pay homage to the public and his second consecutive victory. 

Peeter put the icing on the cake, taking third place in the sprint which also earned him his first podium this season. 

Gold and bronze at the Durello GF make the entire team proud but Andrea Candeago also entered the top 10, 8th overall. 
The comment from Dorigoni, winner of the day: «My leg is good, I felt good and with Peeter we were always in the first group, in the second climb then I decided to extend and with that pace I managed to reach the finish line alone. It was a good test for the team in general, the first to attack today was Andrea and then two of us finished on the podium."
Pruus returns to collect a podium: «I'm happy, at the beginning I wasn't very well, but in the second part I was better and I managed to complete the podium together with Jakob». 

Photo credit: GranFondo del Durello