GMBN builds a John Tomac Yeti C-26 replica bike

“Drop bars off-road? What's the point?” That was the question the folks at GMBN Tech asked themselves a couple of months ago.

Do you remember the time when Mountain Bike legend John Tomac mounted a drop bar on his Yeti C-26 to race the first MTB Downhill World Championships? Maybe you weren’t even born more than 30 years ago. Either way, GMBN Tech did look back for us and asked themselves if drop bars on off-road bikes make a lot of sense. To figure this out they built a replica bike of Tomac’s Yeti C-26 race bike and equipped it with our latest Manitou R7 Pro suspension fork.

Enjoy GMBN Tech host Doddy checking out all the details of this vintage MTB before creating his modern version and taking it for a shred! 🤘