IJ Racing World Cup DH Team

A new year for the renowned Pureriding BP Racing Team, and although this has only just begun, the team has already achieved great results at both national and international levels.

The first thing we want to do is thank you for your support one more year, we know that the bicycle industry is going through a downturn in sales that is reflected in sponsorships worldwide, and that is why we want to thank you for continuing. trusting in us and we will do everything possible so that the effort that this entails is rewarded with the best possible image and many victories.

At the moment the year could not start better, Sebastian Holguin and Juanfer continue to dominate urban downhill worldwide with an 'iron fist', in addition, Sebastian is the new national champion of Colombia, and Juanfer the runner-up, Christine Lewis has raced both in Mexico and in Spain, obtaining a victory and a second place respectively, and our Junior men, Ton Rusiñol and Oriol Llaudo have managed to be on the podium in both Spain and France.

We leave you the photos of the most outstanding event to date, the RedBull DH Urabano in Guanajuato, Mexico, where our riders managed to be the fastest in both the semifinals and finals, with Juanfer finally being the winner of this race and both of them being in optimal conditions to fight for the final victory of the championship in the last race that will take place in Italy in October.

Finally, and for those who do not know yet, comment that this year an agreement was reached with two different brands to be our bike 'sponsor', on the one hand, Sebas and Jaunfer will continue with Santacruz thanks to the brand's distributor in Colombia, Bike Experts, and the 'European' part of the team which is our three juniors will have Commençal as a sponsor.

The next stop will be the first World Cup of 2024 in less than a month, and what better place to start than at the legendary venue of Fort William!

Photos by @danielaguileraphoto and @joseduchphoto