Riding Whistler On A Hardtail

When launching a new platform, a frame manufacturer looks to build out the complete bike with the best components possible in order to ensure the best experience possible for the reviewing journalist. The most efficient and performance oriented suspension combines with a highly capable frame in order to create a ride to remember. Our friends at Nukeproof did just that as they launched their new platform recently, adding Manitou and Hayes performance components to make for the best overall build possible.


To add to the credibility of both the frame and its components, they took their new hardtail frame and set it off for a test in what would be considered by most as an area well outside its comfort zone: Whistler bike park. GMBN’s Blake Samson had the pleasure of testing out the new Nukeproof on the world famous trails in Canada, pushing the limits of what is possible on a front suspended mtb. Check out the video to see how Blake fared and how both the components and frame made his life easier in Whistler.