Recently, reviewed the Hayes Dominion A4 disc brakes. Here are a few highlights of what they had to say about our four piston stoppers.

The brake’s cozy ergonomic lever glides on ball bearings, and requires unnoticeable effort to pull with a single finder. The aluminum piston in the master cylinder is said to “operate smoothly across operating temperatures, and I can confirm, that’s not mere marketing copy. These are one of a small group of brakes I would recommend to folks who enjoy fast 20-30 minute descents. I have yet to experience arm pump or undue hand fatigue with this stopping setup, and the bite point is always in the same place when it’s time for a quick nose press.

The calipers use a dual-port bleed system to more accurately clear the last bubbles of air lurking inside. This added a minute or so to the bleed process, and made for a crisp and solid feeling brake following the bleed. After a few months of use the brakes feel as good as the day I bled them. It will be a while before I need to bust out the DOT 5.1 fluid again.

"Gravity riders of all stripes will be stoked to squeeze these brakes. Their consistency is noteworthy, the bleed precision is second to none"

The Dominions, alternatively, offer the same wide range modulation of the best high-modulation models on the market, with a precise and certain point of extreme braking power. The brake’s power progressively ramps up through the lever stroke in a predictable and confidence-inspiring manner. To top it off, their most powerful bite point doesn’t fade. This is where the real dichotomy between good and great gravity brakes lies. A well-designed brake shouldn’t fade (lose power) as it heats up on a descent. These 4-pistons provide dependable power every time you pull the lever in a way few other brakes can.

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