Pivot Factory Race Team: Dry and Dusty Showdown, Les Gets, France

Les Gets, France – 9-12th September 2023 - The Pivot Factory Race Team roared into Les Gets, France, for the highly anticipated 6th round of the Downhill World Cup. Known for its passionate crowds and challenging terrain, Les Gets didn't disappoint this year. With dry, scorching weather throughout the week, the stage was set for an intense and dusty showdown on the track.

The junior riders once again displayed their promising pace with a tightly packed field of competitors. Sadly it was a mixed bag of results for the Pivot Factory Race Team. Ryan Griffiths, despite showing remarkable speed narrowly missed the cut for qualifying. His hopes were dashed as a crash with an off-track excursion left him less than a second shy of the qualifying cutoff.

However hope was not lost for the juniors, as Dane Jewett, piloting a custom-painted Phoenix showcased an incredible speed. His unassailable time secured him an 8th-place finish, an impressive feat for the first-year junior.

The elite men's field demonstrated a red-hot pace, with riders posting incredibly tight times. Jake Jewett's qualifying run didn't quite go as planned, with a spill in the third split that proved costly in such a competitive field. The margins were razor-thin and a small mistake was enough to keep him out of the qualifying cut.

Meanwhile Matthew Walker, a versatile rider comfortable in both enduro and downhill disciplines, showcased his progress on the downhill bike. He achieved a remarkable 37th place finish, marking his best result in downhill World Cups this year.

Jenna Hastings faced the challenge of judging the slippery, dry conditions and struggled to find the speed needed to make the qualifying cut in the elite women's field, narrowly missing out this time. Her determination remains unshaken as she looks ahead to future races.

Bernard Kerr, well-acquainted with the track's nuances, once again exhibited his unbelievable speed right from the start. He meticulously fine-tuned his lines on the track, preparing for race day. Kerr posted the fourth fastest time at the speed trap and trailing the number 1 spot by only 4.16 seconds. His performance showcased his prowess on the downhill circuit with a 12th place finish on the day.

With Les Gets marking the end of the European downhill World Cup block of races, the Pivot Factory Race Team now sets its sights on Chatel, France. There they will take on the final round of the Enduro World Series. It's a shift in focus but one that the versatile and determined Pivot Factory Race Team is more than ready for…