PIVOT Factory Racing at Fort William

Fort William, Scotland - May 3rd to 5th, a legendary venue in the world of downhill mountain biking, hosted the opening round of the UCI Downhill World Cup season. With over 20+ World Cups hosted on this iconic track, Fort William stands as a testament to the sport's enduring spirit and challenges.

Uncharacteristically, the rain decided to take a backseat for much of the weekend's racing, defying the typical Scottish weather stereotype. However, the track retained good moisture, keeping sections tacky, but the constant descent of riders led to the formation of large holes, with new lines continually forming.

Jake Jewett displayed promising pace throughout the weekend but missed out on qualifying due to a misjudged line, narrowly avoiding disaster as he veered off the track's edge.

Bernard Kerr, however, showcased his unwavering skill, consistently navigating the treacherous terrain. Surviving a harrowing crash in the semifinals, Kerr was fortunately a protected rider, automatically securing a spot in the finals. A small but costly mistake in the woods section during the finals saw him finishing in 14th position in a fiercely competitive race.

Both Edward Masters and Mathew Walker, now on the new Pivot prototype downhill bike and returning from injuries, couldn't quite find the speed required for qualifying on the lightning-fast course despite their best efforts.

In the junior ranks, Dane Jewett and Ryan Griffiths made their presence felt, drawing upon the wisdom of their seasoned teammates. With Dane finishing an impressive 5th and Ryan securing 9th place, both exhibited commendable consistency, establishing themselves among the top contenders in their ever-evolving category.

Unfortunately, Jenna Hastings and Tegan Cruze had to sit out this race due to injuries, but they remain determined to return for the second round of the World Cup.

As the race weekend concludes, the team regroups and disperses, with the Pivot bus heading to Poland for the next round of the World Cup, while the enduro crew sets their sights on the beautiful trails of Finale Ligure, Italy, for the first round of the EDR World Cup. Despite the challenges faced in Fort William, the Pivot Factory Race Team remains resilient and focused on the journey ahead.