Hayes Finale Enduro World Cup

Pivot Factory Racing On Top At Finale EWS

The picturesque seaside town of Finale, Italy played host to the 3rd round of the Enduro World Series, where the Pivot Factory Race Team showcased their incredible talent and determination. On a warm and dry day, the weather threatened rain, but luckily, it held off, setting the stage for an intense battle on the trails.


The race day proved to be a grueling test of endurance, with long hours spent in the saddle and challenging climbs and descents that pushed the riders to their limits. The stages were no walk in the park, especially the first two, which were the longest of the day. The tracks were littered with rocks and roots, and the canopy of trees provided welcome shade, preserving the little moisture in the dirt.


HayesFinale Enduro World Cup


Stages 3, 4, 5, and 6 presented a different challenge altogether. The scorching sun and lack of rain turned the terrain into a dusty, bone-dry battleground. The riders faced clouds of dust trailing behind them, adding an extra layer of difficulty to their already demanding race.

From the outset, Morgane Chare demonstrated her relentless drive and skill as she leaped into the lead. Dominating the first two stages, she gained a substantial 14-second lead over the rest of the pack. Morgane's exceptional performance not only secured her victory in Finale but also propelled her to the top of the overall series standings. The Pivot Factory Race Team celebrated her accomplishment, recognizing the immense talent and determination she displayed throughout the race.

Hayes Finale Enduro World Cup

Unfortunately, Matt Walker encountered a mechanical issue during the second stage, turning what should have been a straightforward race into a creative multi-sport adventure. With his ingenuity and a touch of humor, Matt made the best out of an unfortunate situation, completing stages 3 and 4 without a chain.

Edward Masters, known for his fearless riding, faced an unfortunate mishap in the fifth stage. While navigating a tight trail, his handlebars clipped a tree, causing him to lose control and forcing an early exit from the race. Ever the optimist, Edward brushed off the incident with laughter.

As the dust settled and the race concluded, the Pivot Factory Race Team packed up their gear, ready to embark on their next adventure. Their sights now set on Lenzerheide, Switzerland, where the first round of the Downhill World Cup awaits them. With their heads held high and lessons learned from Finale, the team embrace the challenges that lay ahead, knowing that resilience, humor, and a shared passion for racing will carry them through.

As the team hit the road, they bid farewell to Finale, cherishing the memories of a demanding yet rewarding race. The Enduro World Series has tested their mettle but have also reinforced the bonds within the Pivot Factory Race Team. With their spirits lifted and their determination burning bright, they eagerly look forward to the thrilling battles that await them on the downhill trails of Lenzerheide.

Hayes Finale Enduro World Cup



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