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Introducing of the new Mattoc, we have created the perfect fork of the future while also staying true to our roots. A big part of the Mattoc’s versatility stems from its wide range of travel as one single model can be adjusted in 10mm increments from 110 to 150mm with no need for additional componentry or parts. The new Mattoc represents the fork for the rest of us, from XC to trail to light enduro and everything in between. It is the veritable jack of all trades, that excels in all it does, thanks to its “versatile specificity”. Better in every way and adaptable to all needs it really is #thepeoplesfork, it is MANITOU MATTOC.

A big part of the Mattoc’s versatility stems from its extremely wide range of travel as one single model can be adjusted in 10mm increments from 110 to 150mm of travel with no need for additional componentry or parts. While adjustability has become yet another calling card for the entire Manitou line (Mezzer 140-180mm, Dorado 180-203mm) the wider range of the Mattoc’s travel options allow it to span across several disciplines and adapt to many more styles of riding. The operation to change travel is simple enough that it can be done at home and the necessary parts are included with the fork.

What makes the Mattoc’s versatility even more amazing is that it comes without compromise. The “versatile specificity” of this fork means that it adapts perfectly to many disciplines and styles of riding and performs flawlessly in each and every one. The 34mm Manitou engineered chassis represents best in class in terms of both weight and stiffness yet presents zero downsides for this strong, reliable and amazingly lightweight construction. The new Mattoc platform is 30% stiffer than the previous version and at 1750 grams for the Pro model it is both light and stiff enough for XC racing yet built not only to survive but thrive in situations all the way to light enduro.

Manitou Mattoc Le Crown

The Mattoc is the perfect example of #thepeoplesfork not only because it can be all things to all riders, convering an amazing span of disciplines and riding styles but also because it, and its other 34mm stantion brethren, represents a more democratic and fair design philosophy. Not only will the purchase of one fork offer amazing flexibility of set up, functionality and travel but the internals are compatible and interchangeable both vertically from PRO, EXPERT to COMP levels of the Mattoc, but also between MATTOC, CIRCUS and MASTODON. Such a construction means that there is no penalty for buying the entry level version as nearly all internals can be upgraded to PRO…allowing the fork to “grow” with the consumers needs or wants. Having those same internals shared across the three Mattoc models as well as Circus Pro and Mastodon means easier procurement of spare parts for end users and a significantly easier job to stock what is needed for retailers and distributors alike. Easier to service, easier to maintain, easier to upgrade, easier to stock…

The Mattoc is available in 29” version with an offset of 44mm. However, in keeping with the “peoples fork” philosophy of serving the widest range of needs possible, it is also available in two versions of 27.5” (37mm and 44mm offset). This addresses both the needs of some adult riders but also, of equal importance, is the 27.5” versions completion of the size range, allowing young riders to grow with Manitou from their first pedals strokes all the way into adulthood.

Manitou Mattoc LE

The Mattoc Pro features our fully sealed cartridge MC2 Damper technology that provides an independent HSC circuit providing an adjustable high-speed blow off point combined with a LSC circuit providing adjustment for chassis control and small bump sensitivity. This cartridge utilizes a bladder with a blow off valve to prevent rupture under high pressures and keep your damping controlled and consistent no matter the terrain.

Manitou Mattoc LE top cap

Infinite Rate Tune (IRT) allows for advanced spring tuning by independently adjusting air pressures in the beginning and end stroke and is available as an aftermarket upgrade to both Expert and Comp forks. IRT technology creates a secondary positive air spring that effects only the middle to end stroke of the fork. This allows the main air spring to be set to lower pressures for improved small bump sensitivity while maintaining mid-stroke support and moderate to aggressive end-stroke ramp-up.

The new Mattoc is the fruit of one of the most profound development cycles in Manitou history but it is the physical embodiment of “great things take time”. It is not an offering that follows the crowd, designed around the latest trend or buzz of the market but rather a component that aims to add real value and benefit to the rider. It is an authentic fork, serving the real needs of the widest range of the mtb public and offering serious performance advantages to each individual one of them, no matter how they choose to ride. Amazing performance technology, customizeable perfectly to the specific needs of every rider, reliable construction, it is #THEPEOPLESFORK. MANITOU MATTOC