Reynolds Road 60 WheelsReynolds Road 60 Wheels

For pure aerodynamic performance, minimum drag and all out speed, the deeper the rim the faster and more efficient the wheel would be. Increasing rim depth however came with the compromise of stability from lateral winds and rendered the deeper rim wheel a tool for only the best conditions. The Reynolds engineering department set about to create a wheel that wasn’t so specific in nature, that was stable enough to provide extreme performance benefits in a wider range of conditions. In other words, they set out to develop and build a premium wheel whose profile conferred best in class aerodynamic performance that could be ridden safely and under greater control in the widest range of conditions possible. The fruit of their labor comes in the form of the all-new Reynolds 60mm range of road wheels.

The fact that the new Reynolds BL60 PRO DB are versatile, aerodynamic, and stable is not to be a surprise as they follow the same RAV design premise as the entire road line-up. RAV Is the philosophy by which all Reynolds road products are developed. Using advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) validated by wind tunnel and real-world testing, all wheels are developed to optimize overall aerodynamic efficiency and, in turn, performance. Overall aerodynamic efficiency according to Reynolds takes into great consideration drag reduction yet places stability as an equal parameter of evaluation. A stable wheel allows the largest aerodynamic component of a bike, the engine, otherwise known as the rider, to maintain a more aerodynamic position for longer, creating a twofold efficiency increase. The DET 2 profile of the Reynolds BL60 makes it the fastest, most stable wheel in the market at its rim depth and as such creates the fastest, most stable, complete rider + wheel unit.

In the search for aero performance there has traditionally been a secondary drawback that comes in the form of additional weight associated with deeper rim profiles. The sophisticated Reynolds CR6 laminate design and enhanced resin system reduces rim weight while maintaining durability and power transfer, making for a more efficient wheel. Taking into consideration the aerodynamic performance of the rim profile, the 60mm Reynolds rims confer an aero advantage generally associated with deeper rims, translating into yet additional weight savings when considering what said performance “should” weigh. Between sophisticated lightweight construction and a meticulously engineered aero profile that acts as if it were much deeper, the new Reynolds BL60 wheels offer superior performance at a fraction of the weight.

Development of this new range of wheels was not limited to making an amazingly aerodynamic and lightweight rim at the top of its class in both categories but a great deal of attention was placed on making it efficient via high resistance to torsional forces. The carbon layup design was further engineered to confer the best possible transfer of energy into forward movement. Taking such a stiff and efficient rim structure and pairing it with equally efficient hubs then renders this wheelset in a league all of its own regarding power transfer.

By mating the torsionally resistant Reynolds 60mm rim to the co-developed Reynolds/Industry 9 Blacklabel Torch road hubs not only is power transferred more efficiently but the instant engagement of the hub internals allows for acceleration on demand in any situation.

While the attention towards stiffness of the unit makes for a more efficient ride, the 21mm hooked tubeless channel allows for further efficiencies in addition to comfort. The wider, tubeless channel is designed to offer a superior tire fit and compatibility with contemporary tire designs, optimized for 28mm tires. Such compatibility allows for not only comfort but lower rolling resistance thanks to larger tires run at comparably lower pressures and the hooked design allows for a greater tire pressure range and is compatible with any tubeless tire.

The new Reynolds BL 60 PRO CB, BL 60 EXPERT DB and AR 60 DB wheels, with their identical DET2 rim profile constant throughout the range, represent an entirely new performance opportunity for those cyclists looking to reach new levels of performance. No longer must a rider choose between aero performance and safety, or flat-out speed and weight penalties. With the new Reynolds 60mm offering best in class aerodynamics, stability, and safety in a lightweight construction they can be used, with no compromise in an extremely wide range of conditions. Amazingly fast and efficient aero performance advantages are now applicable wherever you choose to ride and desire to win: #ridebetterridereynolds