Pinkbike Reviews the Mezzer Expert

Pinkbike gave the Mezzer Expert a thorough review with no shortage of praise about the fork's performance. Here are some of the highlights.

"I've been thoroughly impressed by its performance"

"Where the Mezzer Expert is great is during repeated hard hits – picture a bunch of curb-high roots in a row, or a steep section of trail with multiple stair-step like drop offs. In those scenarios it recovered quickly and predictably, and always felt like it was using the right amount of travel. Bigger single hits, like landing off a drop or jump, were handle well too, and I didn't have any harsh bottom outs once I had everything dialed in."

"The bolt-on axle design is slightly different from what you'd find on a Fox or RockShox fork. Instead of having the axle thread into the lowers, a captive bolt on the left side threads into the axle to secure it in place. Each end of the axle has a hexagonal shape, eliminating any chance of it rotating."

"the Mezzer Expert is great is during repeated hard hits"

"The Mezzer Expert is positioned as a more budget-friendly option in Manitou's lineup, but it's not lacking when it comes to performance. The adjustments are simple and effective, and the overall trail feel leaves little to be desired. Sure, you could always upgrade to the higher end damper or air spring found in the Pro model, but I have a feeling most riders will be totally happy with how the Expert feels right out of the box."