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Enduro tech, revised for XC

Designed for the riders that dabble in everything, the Mara is ready for anything. Our IPA damper features four different positions ranging from an open mode ready to smash rocks to a firm platform mode for those hard climbs and all out double track sprints. Made with 7050 aerospace-grade aluminum the chassis is both lightweight and durable.

•Weight: 275g
•Damping: Incremental Platform Adjust
•Canister Diameter: 40mm
•External Adjustments: Compression Platform Rebound Air-Pressure
•Internal User Tuning: Air Volume (Spring Rate), Shim Stack
•External Tuning: High Speed Compression, Low Speed Compression
•Finish: Military-Grade Type III, Hard Ano
•Bushings: Steel/Teflon
•Eyelet Hardware: 2-pc AL through 37.9mm, 3-pc S.S. at 38mm and wider

Manitou Mara Shock

Incremental Platform Adjust (IPA) Damper

The four position Incremental Platform Adjust (IPA) damper offers a wide range of compression adjustment from an open mode ready to smash through rock gardens to a firm platform setting that offers the support you need while battling those leg burning climbs. It does this by utilizing two separate shim stacks to maintain an ideal balance of low-speed and high-speed compression damping throughout the adjustment range. The first of these is the preload stack which is controlled by the IPA knob. As you turn the knob clockwise you begin to increase the preload on the shims directly without the use of springs or carriers. The lack of springs and carriers minimizes moving mass and maximizes the speed at which the shims are able to respond to trail inputs keeping your rear wheel cool, calm, and collected no matter how choppy the trail is. The second shim stack is a fixed velocity stack that was carefully designed to increase small bump sensitivity and provide the correct amount of high-speed compression to control the wheel with the lowest amount of harshness. This provides the rider with more chassis control, better small bump sensitivity with excellent bottoming control, less deflection through the rock gardens and phenomenal ride quality in all conditions.


The rebound on this shock is similarly controlled through two separate circuits. The first of which is a tapered needle that provides the ability to tune the rebound damping to account for rider weight, leverage ratio, and air spring settings. Adjustment of this needle through the knob affects the entire damping range but most noticeably controls the low-speed rebound. The second circuit is a fixed shim stack carefully optimized to preserve the correct high-speed rebound as the needle is adjusted up or down. This provides the rider more control, better traction and steering precision while minimizing the need to adjust for changing trail conditions.

Manitou Mara Shock
Manitou Mara Shock
Manitou Mara Shock
Manitou Mara Shock

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Arjuna Bernard
Versatile and quality

I’ve been using Manitou shocks almost exclusively for almost 20 years. You can’t go wrong. Very good quality suspension and i like i can work on them myself. The Mara is no exception. The one thing i would charge is the ability to use a remote lockout like the McLeod. That is the only reason it didn’t get 5 stars.

Great option for older bikes, in need of rebuild shock unit

Works great, easy set up, well worth money. replaced a Fox Float RC on a Turner. Was cost effective to rebuilding the old Fox

Great upgrade

Upgraded from 2015 fox brain shock on sworks epic. Thank you!

Thomas Pitts
Smooth like butter, strong like bull

I'm no stranger to customizing mountain bikes. I have come to truly love MTB not only for being off the roads and communing with nature, but also for the tech and engineering applications that faffing about with a full suspension bike brings. Almost every upgrade and/or random-thing-to-try comes with a ton of research, a spreadsheet, and sometimes even a little hand-calculation of things like leverage curve or effective CG change, etc before I pull the trigger on a purchase.

This time, I didn't do all my homework. I knew the size shock I needed to replace my OE O2-RL. I knew I wanted the IPA vs just an open/closed setup, and I knew I had nothing to worry about in terms of quality from Hayes/Manitou shocks. I took a chance, went with my gut, and I was not disappointed.

I won't get too repetitive here - Other have said it, this is one fantastic little shock! It feels bulletproof in the hand while only being a bit heavier than my old shock (not enough to feel when riding, but when I put them on my digital baking scale, it comes in just a dozen grams heavier) Setting sag and rebound to what felt good was a piece of cake and I didn't feel the need to mess with the negative air chamber, though I probably will in the future because I can't NOT mess with it. But I digress.. It's a little early for a review as I have only gotten out for a handful of rides since installing, but I didn't want to forget. I will come back to update the review if I have anything to note, but if there's no update, just assume I'm out biking and loving this new shock.

I'm a seriously-casual rider. I don't wear spandex and don't worry about my times, I just want to make sure I'm having a good time. If I get a PR in the process, that's neat, but if my soul is refreshed, the ride was a win. All this to say there may be other lighter, more purely-performance-oriented shocks out there, but that (and their hefty pricetag) really isn't my style, and if you're looking at this shock and reading my rambling review, probably isn't your style either. This shock has taken my main bike (which I ride in just about every discipline except DH, from pump tracks to long XC rides) and given me just that little bit more ability to have a good time! It has just the right amount of dampening right off the bat, but is still buttery smooth and keeps my back tire firmly planted on the trail, even here in Michigan where we have a lot of clay soil and roots and rain (which makes for very gnarly trails). Climbing on a hard-tail was nearly impossible, and climbing on my full squish with the old shock was dicey, with my rear-end washing out to the side when I try to aggressively climb the gnar. This shock has smoothed that out for me to the point now where it's now my legs that are the failure mode when climbing. Guess I have work to do lol.

The IPA options really open this bike up making it a true quiver killer; Rough/rocky/jumpy loops at my favorite local trail system? Run it wide open and feel the rocks and drops melt, with the last 10% of travel ramping up progressively for a bottomless feel. Got a flowy trail with some jumps and gardens but mostly hardpack? The "trail" setting feels just about perfect. It has just enough compression dampening to feel like you're not squandering all your hard-generated wattage because you're too wimpy for a couple bumps, but rather propels you forward with noticeable efficiency while still soaking up most of the chatter and definitely still takes a big hit without complaint (this has been the setting I use the most so-far). I havn't been able to get to my favorite XC trail with it yet due to hunting season, but having tested the "XC" setting on other trails, it seems to take away almost all pedal bob for a firmer, sportier feel, but I can tell it still soaks up some of the bigger stuff. I bet I'll still be up and out of the saddle a bit more for large roots or rock gardens when in XC mode. The "climb" setting has me almost (almost) wishing for a remote lockout setup for this shock, as I really like climbing smooth trails/fire roads in this mode! It's not a 100% lock, so it still keeps the rear wheel somewhat planted, but it firms things up to the point you know your efforts are going to get you to the top fresher. But I do not like forgetting to unlock it after a big climb lol.

To sum up: the build quality seems rock solid, I don't know if it's the slightly different aluminum or they just knew where to put more material for more strength, but I have no qualms riding it hard. When run open, it soaks up even big hits, and the IPA settings offer a noticeable difference and make my one bike more suited to many trail situations without needing to change pressures or a flip chip etc, and the planted feel this gives the rear wheel when climbing make this shock a no-brainer. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a do-it-all shock!!

Great Shock!

Replaced a 12 year old rear shock and this shock is the bomb! Big difference in the ride. Easy to replace. Price was fabulous.

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