The title of UNSTOPPABLE is bestowed upon those who see limits as mere obstacles to overcome. Such athletes stop only on THEIR terms, when and where THEY want. The HOW is taken care of by Hayes as #stoppingtheunstoppable has been its core focus since the inception of the brand. Sam Blenkinsop is a fantastic example of an unstoppable force on two wheels, wowing the mountain biking public since his emergence into professional sport via his technique and “flow” that is most aptly described as artwork on the trail. Sam is unstoppable as an athlete but his passion for the sport also knows no limit as he has continually found a way to continue blessing us all with his beautiful riding with large teams and structures of support around him but also as a private entity, sorting out his own wrenching, preparation, travels and board…still performing in an exciting and inspirational way. Hayes is proud to produce the Dominion brakes that allow Sam to take his artistry to the next level, stopping only when and how he decides to… going faster, harder and higher thanks to superior control.

Hayes Dominion, #stoppingtheunstoppable. Proudly stopping Sam

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