Hayes Disc Brakes | Purple Hayes Dominion A4 Brake - 180cm / Purple Hayes
Hayes Disc Brakes | Purple Hayes Dominion A4 Brake -
Hayes Disc Brakes | Purple Hayes Dominion A4 Brake -

Purple Hayes Dominion A4 Brake


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Tomorrow is better when you build on experience and success from the past to reach new heights. We did just that with a limited-edition release of the Hayes Dominion A4 “Purple Hayes”. The purple colorway is a testament to the early days of mountain biking that saw Hayes bring technology to the world that forever changed our sport. The early editions of Hayes disc brakes were both groundbreaking and disruptive. To celebrate such a fantastic ride, a quarter century of molding the definition of fantastic braking performance for mountain biking, we are proud to introduce a limited run of the highest-performing brake to date, the Dominion A4, in a colorway that recalls perhaps the brand’s most iconic and visually striking model.

One single part number for both front and rear brake (180cm hose)

While the power, performance and reliability of the Hayes Dominion brakes are available to all, the PURPLE HAYES version of the iconic brakes is, as with dyed fabric reserved for historic royalty, available only to a select few. Official Hayes riders across all disciplines will compete with Purple Hayes, building up their bikes with a more visible badge of pride known as Dominion in the highly regarded purple. However, as brakes are produced for MTB royalty at the professional level, an additional quantity will be made available for a few lucky consumers who wish to not only ride the same quality as the pros, but desire to build their bike with a visual statement of their great taste in fantastic braking performance. While available in all markets, the quantities of the Purple Hayes brakes are limited to the extra quantity associated with the athlete production run and as such will be sold in a first come first serve basis while supplies last. Official riders will always ride purple and every year we will make an extra few pair for those quick enough and proud enough to show off their great taste in performance brakes… if you have missed out this year, sign up immediately to be put on the list for notification prior to next year’s production run.

•Tool-Free Reach Adjustment
•Flip-Flop Lever Orientation
•King Pin Pad Retention
•Crosshair Caliper Alignment
•Two-Stroke Dual-port bleed system

•310g 180cm hose and mount hardware
•DOT 5.1 Fluid
•Tool-Free Reach Adjustment
•2-Stroke Dual Port Bleed System
•Sealed Cartridge Bearings Lever Pivot
•180cm Hose Length Only

Rotors and Brackets not included

Get everything you need!

Purple Hayes Dominion Lever
Purple Hayes Dominion

Hayes Dominion - Purple Hayes Lever

Low Input - High Fidelity (LoFi)

Low effort system with predictable, progressive ramp up and a crisp bite point.

Loaded With Tech

Reduced Friction - A featherlight lever feel is acheived through a combination of an added glide ring on the piston and sealed ball bearings at the lever blade pivot
SRL - Our Stable Rate Link delivers a consistent lever ratio regardless of reach
Precise Engagement - Each Dominion is factory set to have the lowest dead stroke possible and a crisp bite point.
Built to last - Metal pistons are used to ensure that no matter the terrain or temperature your brake will continue to perform as it did on the first ride
Adjustable Reach - Adjust your lever reach with ease while on the trail thanks to an intuive adjustment knob design

Hayes Dominion - Purple Hayes Caliper
Hayes D-Series Rotors

Modal Resonance Cancellation (MRC)

FEA-optimized modal shapes of D-Series rotors are intentionally designed to oppose those of Semi-Met T106 and Sintered T100 pads, canceling out noise and vibration.

Hayes Brake Caliper

Crosshair Caliper Alignment screws allow for quick and accurate setup.

Hayes Brake Caliper

King Pin pad retention bolt adds strength.

Hayes Brake Caliper

2-Stroke dual port bleed system for maximum bleed integrity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John Krause
The only ones!

As a mechanical engineer I fell in love with the design of these brakes. The thought porting inside the brakes ensures an even piston actuation, the micro adjustment on the caliper is the icing on the cake, makes brake alignment a sure thing. I love to ride steep descents and I am a big guy, about 240lbs geared when all geared up. I never worry about stopping power. I run the sintered pads so they never have any fade. The thicker rotors don’t warp and I put a lot of heat into them. I have them on both of my bikes, a Yeti SB130 and a Trek Fuel EX.
The brakes also look great. I am running the bronze on the Yeti and the purples ones on the Trek. The purple looks even better on the bike than they do one the web.

Joseph E Cayer
Awesome feel!

These brakes feel amazing! I liked them so much, I had to get another set for my wife! The purple looks beautiful on our bikes!

Get your Purple Nuggs

I have lusted after the Grand Daddy Purple Hayes for many, many years now, so when I got a chance to buy some, I jumped.

Right out of the box, these purple nuggs looked amazing. The finish is just stunning. The other thing that really stood out was the size of the pads. Damn. I got them mounted and bled, which was super straight forward. My Sram Pro bleed kit worked just fine. No leaks, no muss, no fuss, no excessive fluid spillage. I give the edge to Sram's bleeding edge tech, but seriously not by much, and the dual port and crosshair more than make up for that. Speaking of the crosshair adjusters, where have you been my whole life!! Probably the best feature I never knew I needed, and really I don't need them, but I don't see myself giving them up anytime soon. So useful, so convenient.

I haven't done much more that a little burn in ride, but I like the light action on the lever and the power is for reals. I for sure added a couple LSC clicks, and I might have to drop a rotor size in the back, but I'm sure after a couple basic rides, my fingers will adjust.

Stuart MacIntyre
The best just got better

The only thing that could be done to the Dominions to make them better, was to make them purple! Hayes did and as soon as I heard, got myself a set!

Having been a Hayes fan in the past, when I restarted mountainbiking in the last couple of years, I wasn’t getting on with 2 of the big names brakes, so I started looking elsewhere and was excited to hear great things about the Dominions. I can only echo what you may have read elsewhere;
Fantastic control (light action, easy to modulate)

And then the things you may not have heard celebrated enough;
Set up - the cross hair adjustment really makes installation easy
Bleeding - don’t know why, but I’ve had great success bleeding these where other brakes have been a little more challenging.

Enjoyed them so much that we now have all 4 of our MTBs equipped with Hayes Dominion A4s (1 purple set and 3 bronze). My wife really likes the power with the light action in particular.

Vaughn Winkler

Absolutely the best brakes on the market 👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪

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