Hayes Bicycle is proud to announce their partnership with the Gamux Factory Racing Team. Riding Hayes brakes, Manitou suspension, Reynolds wheels and ProTaper stem and handlebar components, the all-Swiss team will compete on the World Cup Downhill circuit as well as other prominent races.

"For 2022 and beyond, we have decided to do things our way. With our unique frame concept, an entirely Swiss rider line-up, and a fantastic group of partners and sponsors, we are looking forward to working on our long-term vision. We want to create the fastest bikes out there, and, in our eyes, this is only achievable if you push the limit in every aspect. The Downhill world cup represents the pinnacle of mountain biking and provides a highly competitive environment for us to test ourselves."

The Team
Lino Lehmann

Stats: Age: 19• Height: 192cm • Weight: 90kg•At only 19 years of age, Lino is already quite the character. Never a dull moment with this young lad! But don't be fooled by his chilled nature; he is one fierce competitor and puts everything on the line come Sunday race run. In his first year with Gamux Factory Racing, Lino will be pushing hard to establish himself as a consistent finalist at all Word Cups in 2022 and grow his name in the sport.

Instagram: @lino.lehmann


Stats: Age: 22• Height: 177cm • Weight: 73kg•With our chosen bike concept, we were heading into unknown territory. We had to rely on honest feedback and a rider that does not have premade opinions - something quite difficult to find since racers always want the fastest bike available. Loris does see the long-term goals and understands perfectly well that success is not created in an instance. He is a massive contributor to our bikes' development, a phenomenal racer, and an even better person. Welcome back Lolo! Let's go and prove that our work together can go a long way.

Instagram: @loris_michellod


Stats: Age: 15• Height: 184cm • Weight: 75kg•His second year with the team is all about learning how to consistently deliver good race runs and best prepare for 2023 when joining the Worldcup circuit as a junior. Still only 15 years of age, Mike has the speed of top elite riders already. Given the opportunity, Mike can put down a smoker that will blow people's heads. No doubt that Mike's natural competitiveness can take him a long way, and we are stoked to see him develop as an athlete and person.

Instagram: @mike.huter


Stats: Age: 29• Height: 184cm • Weight: 78kg•Romeo has been working on the World Cup scene since 2017 and has lots of experience at the job. As our chief mechanic and all-around handyman, he will take care of the bikes of our athletes and make sure everything else runs smoothly. Romeo will also guide the team through testing and development, gathering feedback, and brainstorming with our athletes and partners on what to improve and adapt to improve our bikes.

Instagram: @romeocairoli


Stats: Age: 28• Height: 176cm • Weight: Getting there As a former racer himself, Dominic perfectly understands the needs of our athletes. Dominic is perfectly fitted to be our team principal, helping the team with his organizational and social skills. Also, he is not new to this job, having been doing it for over five years now. He's looking forward to getting the job done while still having a good time with everyone.

Instagram: @d_tinner

"A racebike is a delicate composition of many parts. Together with the Hayes Bicycle Group, we can tap into vast sways of experience to unlock all the potential from their fantastic range of products. Brands like Manitou, Hayes, Reynolds, and ProTaper make us excited to start the journey and unlock their racing heritage. We are super pleased to announce that the Gamux Factory Racing will be the official Hayes Bicycle Group Factory effort from 2022 onwards."

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