AR 41 X DB
AR 41 X DB
AR 41 X DB
AR 41 X DB
AR 41 X DB
AR 41 X DB
AR 41 X DB
AR 41 X DB
AR 41 X DB
AR 41 X DB
AR 41 X DB
AR 41 X DB
AR 41 X DB
AR 41 X DB

AR 41 X DB


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Please note, Reynolds wheels are only sold in pairs.

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The Reynolds ARx series delivers an unmatched selection of carbon fiber wheels to offer you the perfect product capable of tracking the types of terrain and roads you ride. The ARx line of wheels carries on the heritage of our wildly popular Attack, Assault and Strike wheels with wider rim profiles optimized for modern, wider tubeless tires. Working with the wider profiles allowed our engineers to design sleek, new rim shapes that vastly improve stability in crosswinds in the deeper sectioned rims. The new ARx profiles are not only wider and faster, but they are also lighter than their Attack, Assault and Strike predecessors.

Advantages over AR41 DB

  • Bladed Sapim CX-Sprint spokes which are both lighter and more aerodynamic
  • Painted rims with water transferred graphics for a clean and subtle appearance 
  • Lighter hubs with a sleeker overall appearance

    •Wide, tubeless ready rim provides better fit for higher volume tires that increase grip, lower rolling resistance and provide greater comfort
    •Refined, wider rim shapes have been optimized for crosswind stability at a variety of yaw angles
    •Features Sapim CX-Sprint bladed spokes with lightweight alloy nipples
    •Premium graphics offer ultra clean and subtle appearance
    •Equipped with fast rolling and smooth Reynolds allroads hubs
    •Disc and rim brake specific models available
    •Lifetime warranty
    •30 day customer satisfaction guarantee

    •Inner Rim Width: 21MM
    •Outer Rim Width: 30MM
    •Rim Depth: 41MM
    •Spokes: F24 | R24
    •Spoke Pattern: Front 2x | Rear 2x
    •Weight: 1565g
    •Technology: PR3
    •Front Hub: Reynolds Hub / Center Lock - Disc Brake Compatible
    •Rear Hub: Reynolds Hub / Center Lock - Disc •Brake Compatible
    •Spoke Type: CX-Sprint
    •Nipple: External Alloy
    •Engagement: 10°
    •Pawl: 4
    •Decal: Black water slide
    •Rim: Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake

    •2x55mm Tubeless Valve Stems
    •End Caps (12TA/12x142 installed, 15TA included)
    •25mm Tubeless Tape installed
    •Reynolds Owner's Manual


    Reynolds is confident that we build the best carbon rim and wheel systems in the cycling industry. All of our wheels are produced in our own facility, by our own staff, to our strict engineering specifications. Therefore, we confidently offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner of Reynolds rims.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Jamie McDonald
    Wheels are clearly faster and works well with Pirelli RACE TLR as a complete system.

    Installed AR 41x DB on 2017 Specialized Roubaix 54cm. I changed wheels from stock DT Swiss 470 with stock 26 mm these Reynolds AR 41X DB with Pirelli 28mm RACE TLRs. This wheel and tire combo is hard to beat. I feel like it is easier to keep spinning and maintain mph so the aero advantage seems obvious. Changing to this setup I netted a 21 gram savings per complete wheel and tire which includes 2 wraps of rim tape and Stan's liquid sealant. Between the noticeable aero advantage, the larger and heavier but much more comfortable 28mm tires combined with actually shedding a few grams of weight overall...I'm very happy.
    I was hoping to save more weight with the overall combo, but I could obviously have saved significantly more weight if I would have stuck with 26mm tires, or used other brands that don't have as much puncture protection as the Pirelli RACE TLR. At the end of the day I have reduced weight, increased speed, increased comfort, changed to a much more reliable tubeless setup, and the bike looks awesome. I've also set a few KOMs on some local segments since the change...I really want to give credit to the wheels and tires.

    Mounting tires was easy with this wheel and tire combination... I did not have to use any levers or tools to get the tire on the rim and I did not feel as though I had to exert an excessive amount of force. I am confident that if I ever have a reason to quickly change a tire that I can do it on the side of the road without any tools.

    The combination fits and works as a system just as I hoped and expected. With my trusty dial calipers I measure 30.55mm rim width, and 28.97mm tire width with 85psi. This measurement leaves me at exactly 105.4% which is that magic percentage to ensure you are getting an aerodynamic benefit from the wheel tire combo as a whole. Now, I just want to find the fastest tire pressure for my 88kg weight... I'm guessing I will end up somewhere around 75psi on the relatively smooth roads around my house. Additionally this wheel tire combo immediately seated and aired up, I did use an air chuck in my air compressor because I have one. I aired up the tire to verify it would seat, deflated the tire, added sealant, then reinflated. I religiously check my tire pressure before every ride even if I just aired them up yesterday... I'm only loosing about 3-4psi between regular rides... and it could be easy to argue that amount is from releasing the air chuck from the presto valve.

    The ride is comfortable and I'm looking forward to endurance rides. I think I have a good overall combination for doing the 3 gap or 6 gap ride this year. I like climbing and these wheels seem to help and noticeably easier to keep spinning. I also enjoy high speed descending and the bike and tires now instill confidence blasting down Wolf Pen. Additionally, when I enter Lake Lanier Islands I'm usually greeted with a sidewind and I only get the slightest hint of being pushed around, but I can tell it is specifically wind hitting my body as it doesn't cause noticeable twitching to my that is fantastic news also.

    I can't recommend highly enough as a great "All around" setup.

    Thanks for the great review Jamie! #rideon

    Very Fast

    Awesome wheels. Easy to set up and look great as well. Very stiff, light and strong in cross winds. I mainly climb with these wheels and they are very powerful in descents. I run tubeless Cont GP 5000's, these are awesome.


    Easy setup, fast, stiff, light. Was loving these wheels on my gravel bike, but had freehub pawl failure around 1k miles. Just submitted a warranty claim...

    Mark R
    Great wheelset

    Second set of Reynolds wheels after purchasing a pair of Assault wheels a couple of years ago for another bike. These are significantly wider internally, making them much easier to set up tubeless. Haven't had a chance to put many miles on them yet, but I am impressed so far.

    Christopher S.
    Great all around wheelset.

    Have ridden these wheels a lot in the infamously strong New Mexico Spring winds. I am very impressed with the ability to handle vicious cross winds even on high speed descents. In addition, I love the new hub design and they are holding up well to riding in dry dusty ((gravel) conditions. Tubeless tires(Zipp) mount easy on the new wider rims. Overall extremely pleased with the performance to price ratio. Highly recommend for road training and gravel events.

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