Reynolds Cycling | AR 80 -
Reynolds Cycling | AR 80 -
Reynolds Cycling | AR 80 -
Reynolds Cycling | AR 80 -
Reynolds Cycling | AR 80 -
Reynolds Cycling | AR 80 -
Reynolds Cycling | AR 80 -
Reynolds Cycling | AR 80 -
Reynolds Cycling | AR 80 -
Reynolds Cycling | AR 80 -
Reynolds Cycling | AR 80 -
Reynolds Cycling | AR 80 -

AR 80


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Please note, Reynolds wheels are only sold in pairs.


One of the best aero wheel deals on the market, the AR80 Series utilizes the same sleek carbon rim as the AR80X for an aerodynamic advantage, but at a more competitive price. You get our 100% CNC-machined Allroads hubs, durable Sapim Sprint spokes and brass nipples, and the quality and performance we're known for. With the AR80 Series, achieving new speeds is more attainable than ever.

    •Wide, tubeless-ready rim provides a better fit for higher volume tires that increase grip, lower rolling resistance and provide greater comfort
    •Refined, wider rim shapes have been optimized for crosswind stability at a variety of yaw angles
    •Features Sapim Sprint spokes and durable brass nipples
    •Equipped with 100% CNC-machined fast-rolling and smooth Reynolds road hubs, providing 10° of engagement
    •Ctg2 brake track is 30% more resistant to heat than previous models
    •Lifetime warranty
    •30-day customer satisfaction guarantee

    •Inner Rim Width: 19MM
    •Outer Rim Width: 29.5MM
    •Rim Depth: 80MM
    •Spokes: F20 | R24
    •Spoke Pattern: Front Radial | Rear 2x
    •Weight: 1820g
    •Technology: PR3, BWI
    •Hub: Front GW RRB | Rear GW RRB
    •Spoke Type: Sprint
    •Nipple: External Brass
    •Engagement: 10°
    •Pawl: 4
    •Decal: Black vinyl
    •Rim: AR 80 Carbon Tubeless 6600 Rim Brake

    •Front & Rear QR Skewers
    •2x75mm Tubeless Valve Stems
    •22mm Tubeless Tape installed
    •Reynolds Owner's Manual


    Reynolds is confident that we build the best carbon rim and wheel systems in the cycling industry. All of our wheels are produced in our own facility, by our own staff, to our strict engineering specifications. Therefore, we confidently offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner of Reynolds rims.

    Customer Reviews

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    Value for the Money

    I bought the Reynolds AR 80 wheel set from wiggle, delivered super fast, came in the box with skewers and Reynolds brake pads (the blue ones for carbon rims and with less thickness -better for my TT Bike-) and with the Reynolds blue tubeless tape installed and the tubeless 10mm Valves -i will use tubes only-.
    I ordered with them the Michelin Power Endurance 700 x 23C with Conti 20-25mm Tubes. I choose the 23mm as that is the max that my bike frame accepts (BMC TM01 2014 TT Bike), but they still look so fine on a 29.5mm wide Rim.
    The Wheels look amazing and of good quality, and a great deal for a good price for an 80mm Deep section wheels from a respected brand in the industry like Reynolds and with a lifetime warranty.
    I had a hard time Fitting the tyres on the rims, and pinched 2 tubes in the process, not sure is it the Michelin Endurance Tires which are tight or the Rims are tight, or the 23mm tyre on an 29.5mm wide rim or my tyre fitting experience, or all reasons together, but after 2 hours of fitting all looks great and I learned a bit more how to fit and remove as i did it 4 times in a row.
    I had to do some work to remove all the Brake Pad spacers off my frame to give enough space for the 29.5mm wide rims into my 2014 BMC TM01, very tight frame which was designed at that time to fit max of 26mm wheels, but it all worked fine and I have now some good clearance between pads and rims, and thanks to the Reynolds Blue Brake Pads which are already much slimmer than my original pads.
    I went on a 160KM Ride for my first ride and another 60KM a day after. The experience on the Road was great, i could feel the wheels are fast and hubs are so smooth so far, -i come from a Dura Ace C75 Tubular Wheelset-, at least they are not slower, the same if not faster, and the wind noise they generate is nice, i went through tough cross winds in Dubai's desert and they are still fine, or normal feel of cross wind on deep sections, the guy riding next to me was also suffering from the crosswinds with a low section wheelset so i was so fine with my 80mms.
    The one problem floating all over the internet about Reynolds ARs is here as well, yes the wheels flex and brake rub under high power of sprinting or over a hill with out of saddle efforts, but could be less if you try to keep the bike up right straight while out of saddle, not so annoying for me so far as on a TT bike a rarely get out of saddle, but would love to hear that Reynolds will take an action on that, as i wouldn't consider Reynolds AR41 for example on my road bike which i use for hill climbs if the brake rub is there as well.
    I do recommend these wheels from a good brand and with a life time warranty and this good price, yes they are a good deal and recommended.

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