Reynolds Cycling | Blacklabel Aero 65 DB -
Reynolds Cycling | Blacklabel Aero 65 DB -
Reynolds Cycling | Blacklabel Aero 65 DB -
Reynolds Cycling | Blacklabel Aero 65 DB -

Blacklabel Aero 65 DB


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Please note, Reynolds wheels are only sold in pairs.


Based around our Dispersive Effect Termination (DET™) rim profile, the BLACKLABEL Aero rims are optimized to lower drag and provide unmatched stability in crosswinds when used with modern, wider tire profiles. The rims feature a 19mm tubeless ready rim channel and a precision crafted hub by Industry Nine that lowers rolling resistance, enhances lateral stiffness and improves the overall ride quality to give you every advantage in your search for speed.

    •Industry leading aerodynamic performance and cross wind stability with our Dispersive Effect Termination (DET™) rim profile
    •Wide, tubeless ready rim provides better fit for higher volume tires that increase grip, lower rolling resistance and provide greater comfort
    •Precision manufactured Reynolds hubs by Industry Nine for quick engagement and efficient transfer of power
    •Premium Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes offer ultimate performance in weight and ride quality paired with internal, alloy nipples
    •Disc and rim brake specific models available
    •Ctg2 brake track is 30% more resistant to heat than previous models
    •Lifetime warranty
    •30 day customer satisfaction guarantee

    •Inner Rim Width: 19MM
    •Outer Rim Width: 28MM
    •Rim Depth: 65MM
    •Spokes: F20 | R24
    •Spoke Pattern: Front 2x | Rear 2x
    •Weight: 1600g
    •Technology: CR6, DET
    •Hub: Front i9 | Rear i9
    •Spoke Type: CX-Ray
    •Nipple: Internal 5mm Hex Alloy
    •Engagement: 6°
    •Pawl: 3
    •Decal: Black water slide
    •Rim: Aero 65 Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake

    •2 x Single Wheelbags
    •2x85mm Tubeless Valve Stems
    •End Caps (12TA/12x142 installed, 15TA included)
    •22mm Tubeless Tape installed
    •Reynolds Owner's Manual


    Reynolds is confident that we build the best carbon rim and wheel systems in the cycling industry. All of our wheels are produced in our own facility, by our own staff, to our strict engineering specifications. Therefore, we confidently offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner of Reynolds rims.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Fast, fast, fast!

    Loved my previous set of Mavic Comete wheels but these Reynolds are on another level. I had to widen my brakes to account for some flex on the Mavic's but can go back to the normal spacing since the Reynold's are so much stiffer. These also roll fast! Since switching, Strava trophies are showing up on my regular rides again. They love to hold speed and handle very well. I would recommend these to anyone looking to get faster but in particular stronger (or heaver) riders will really benefit from the Aero 65 wheelset. Nice work Reynolds!

    Ryan Tuazon
    Very nice wheels

    Love the wheels except that they don’t come with the centerlock lock rings. Went to 3 local bike shops to find thinner lock rings since the ones that came from my DT Swiss were a millimeter or 2 too thick and make contact with the hub internal when tightened which prevents the hub from spinning. The Shimano, and generic ones that LBS carry have the same thickness as mine. I called Hayes and the CSA said it’s the first time he heard of it. I ended up filing the lock rings so it doesn’t make contact with the hub

    Thanks for the review, and for reaching out to our Customer Care Team,

    Free Speed

    I picked up a set of the Aero 65 DB wheels for a Venge build and I'm blown away. Every element of the wheels has exceeded expectations, the performance, the hub and build quality, the free speed and longevity of the spokes tension and wheel's trueness despite a few gravel excursions has me a believer. Well done to the Reynolds and HBG team.

    Jeff Quinn

    These are my second set of Reynolds wheels in addition to a pair of Blacklabel 46's. These wheels are fast, lightweight, and aero...period. The I9 hubs are some of the smoothest I've ever seen and used.

    I was pleasantly surprised with the cross-wind performance of the 65's. The dispersion technology at work does work and I find myself stable even at high speeds.

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