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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Quentin Anderson
      Awesome performance BUT BEWARE

      I’m a 300 pound rider on an Orbea Occam living in an area that’s moderately steep natural trails.

      Not once have I felt I didn’t have enough power with the A4’s and the modulation works very well for me.

      BUT the initial pin is very tight and the fasteners Hayes use are soft.

      I’ve had to replace the lever housing after the compression nut cracked and broke inside the housing. Owned 1 month 3 rides.

      The pad retaining pin/screw is very tight, so being the material is soft, the head became rounded.

      I have not been able to find a retailer that sells that individual pin/screw and Hayes offers it nowhere on their site.

      Their German affiliate is horrible for customer service.

      How is this part not available considering it’s necessary to the part working??

      I’ve tried social media with Hayes, Calling their German affiliate, writing Total bleed solution, eBay. The pin is only shown available when you buy a pair of A2’s which I have no need for.

      Had the fasteners been better quality, customer service been better, part availability better, these would be a 5 star product hands down.

      Glad to hear you have the braking power you need! A member of our Customer Care Team will be reaching out to you to discuss your issue. #hayesbrakes #powerperfected #dominiona4 #hayesdominion #dominionbrakes

      Kraig Batty
      Nice stops

      Great brakes, just be careful backing out pad pin 1st time.

      Kraig Batty

      Read the title.just need to be careful backing out the pad pin 1st time