SUNringlé | Düroc SD37 PRO 27.5" - Rear 148x12 Boost
SUNringlé | Düroc SD37 PRO 27.5" - Front 110x15
SUNringlé | Düroc SD37 PRO 27.5" -
SUNringlé | Düroc SD37 PRO 27.5" -
SUNringlé | Düroc SD37 PRO 27.5" -
SUNringlé | Düroc SD37 PRO 27.5" -
SUNringlé | Düroc SD37 PRO 27.5" -
SUNringlé | Düroc SD37 PRO 27.5" -
SUNringlé | Düroc SD37 PRO 27.5" -
SUNringlé | Düroc SD37 PRO 27.5" -

Düroc SD37 PRO 27.5"


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World-class riders require world class-wheels. The all new Düroc Pro wheel utilizes our proven Düroc SD37 rim mated to our all-new Super Bubba hub via Wheelsmith butted straight pull spokes. These wheels were designed to handle the gnarliest descents you can find at the greatest velocity you can muster.

•SUNringlé Tubeless Ready: Factory Taped, with valves
•Welded Seam
•Shimano HG and SRAM XD freehub bodies included
•SUNringlé Super Bubba Hubs

•37mm Outer Rim Width
•32mm Inner Rim Width
•28 Wheelsmith DB14 Spokes/brass nipples
•110x15 Boost Front Hub
•148x12 Boost or 157x12 DH Rear Hub Spacing Available
•550g Rim Weight
•940g Front Wheel Weight
•1108g Rear Wheel Weight

•Tubeless Sealant
•Tubeless Valves
•Alternate Freehub Body
•QR and Thru Axle caps (Non-Boost options)

Super Bubba X

The Super Bubba X utilizes the same drop in ratchet ring tech as the Super Bubba, eliminating threads for easy service and rock solid interface. However, instead of the two offset 45 tooth rings found in the Super Bubba, the X features only one 45 tooth ring. This combined with a offset six pawl freehub body results in the same high engagement of 4 degrees and shaves 55g to bring the total weight of the rear hub to 285g.

SUNringlé Tubeless Ready (STR)

Customer Reviews

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fantastic wheels..

Wheels are responsive and very durable. Just the right amount of stiffness in the corners.. They stay true and look food as well..The super bubba hubs really dont seem to get enough praise.. These hubs are extremely reliable and easy to maintain as well as rebuild. Also they have ability to change the engagement. This is top notch, like having a extra rear wheel... Fast engagement for trail riding or super durable for down hill or EMtB..the sound is great too.. Think I9 hydra maybe better. these wheels tend to get overlooked probably because there seem to be much info on them. I couldn't be happier with them. Also, the Service from Hayes is quality and they will do there best to keep ya riding.

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Ringlé Super Bubba hubs feature Clock’D dual-adjustable ratchet rings. Clock’D allows the rider to adjust the 6-pawl system from 8º of engagement for fast heavy duty use or to 4º for super-fast engagement for technical riding.


SUNringlé Tubeless Ready

STR used in SUNringlé Düroc mountain wheels is our approach to balancing a shallow rim channel, shorter sidewalls and bead humps for easy tire installation and inflation, optimum tire profile and improved tire bead retention.

What's in the Box?

Shimano HG, XD Freehubs, tubeless valves and sealant all come in the box. Shimano Micro Spine available separately.