SUNringlé | Mulefüt 80SL V2 Rim - 26"

Mulefüt 80SL V2 Rim


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Fat bikers have ridden the Mulefüt 80SL wheelset on more off-the-beaten-path trails and snow-covered wonderlands than any other fat bike rim. The most popular rim on the market, the Mulefüt 80SL has been reinvented with Mulefüt 80SL V2. Whether you're exploring deep backcountry territory, or racing the local snow circuit, the Mulefüt 80SL V2 is the ultimate fatbike rim.

    •Updated version of the best-selling Mulefüt 80SL
    •STR (SUNringlé Tubeless Ready)
    •Pinned Joint
    •Available in 26" and 27.5"

    •Outer Rim Width: 80mm
    •Inner Rim Width: 74mm
    •Spoke Count: 32h
    •26" Rim Weight: 750g
    •27.5" Rim Weight: 820g

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    William M

    Bomber rims. A few times now I've smacked them on rocks and they have not flinched. Not the lightest, but a very 4-season capable rim.

    Dan B
    Great Rim

    These rims are on my Salsa Beargrease. Compared to my previous Beargrease with Surly Marge Lites, these rims were pretty trouble free setting up tubeless.
    I kept the sleeve that wraps around the rim and added two layers of Tuck Tape. I've had ZERO leaks. (compared to the Marge Lites which I always had issues with). Rims with cutouts will never really be as good as no cutouts but these have given absolutely no issues winter or summer. I ride hard and the rim has stop up to the hard riding. The only other rim that has performed better on a tubeless setup is a carbon rim which will cost far more money.

    detlef hagge
    Great wheel

    I was pleasantly surprised when I built a set of mulefut wheels. The rims were very round and true unlaced and tensioning went smoothly. I ended up with a correct build and even tension.

    I have not gone out of my way to thrash these wheels but I have been pleasantly surprised how well they have held up from surprises I find under the snow.

    I did not have any trouble airing them up tubeless. I put a layer of reflective tape facing out on the holes(better chance of being seen by the snowmobiles I “share” the trails with). Then two laps of tubeless tape. One more lap then my HED Bhad but as our Canadian friend below points out, getting a flat out in the bush is a drag. I’m in VT with similar temperatures and have never had a problem. I am a big fan of Orange Seal Sub Zero for the dark months

    Emmet S.
    Diffcult to setup tubeless - tape doesn't want to hold in frigid winter temperatures

    These came stock on 2021 Trek Farley 5 from the LBS. I upgraded the tires to studded 45nrth Dillinger 5s and wanted to run them tubeless for the temperamental Canadian winter (-30 C one day, +5 the next).

    LBS had a hell of a time getting them to seal up. There's nothing worse that sealant leaking out from the cutouts when it's - 25 C out and you're 10km into the bush.

    Annoying that there's very little information from Hayes/Sunringle on the youtube or this web page as how to exactly tape these specific rims for tubeless setup.

    I'm going to find the Trek rep from my area and let them know how disappointing the tubeless performance is for these rims. When they work, they work well. But compared to other rims, these apparently are a bugger to tape. The revised cutout pattern is not well thought-out. While they may be lighter than the first generation of Mulefoot, the V2 version does not perform as well from a tubeless reliability point of view. And when it's bone chilling cold out, the last thing any rider wants to be dealing with is a leaky tubeless tire setup!

    Now to figure out what to do for next winter...

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