SUNringlé | Mulefüt Rim Strip - Mulefut 80 (26") Rim Strip

Mulefüt Rim Strip


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Rim Strip for the SUNRinglé Mulefut Rim

Customer Reviews

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A tight fit, but works well

Got this for a new wheel I had custom built. Fits tightly on the rim and was a bit hard to install the first time. I say first time because I had assumed it would straighten up and didn't check it all around, so it was off kilter a bit, leaving just tape to try to fill a hole.

After I untaped and reinstalled, the rim strip went on much more smoothly and I was able to get it carefully centered. No more problems and looks great.

As a styling suggestion, colors might be cool. Otherwise, great product, just a bit tight to get on, probably just the way it should be.

Jeff L
Just What I Needed!

Having never tried to go tubeless with a fat tire before I searched around for tips on how to go about it. These strips were highly recommended for my Mulefut 80's so I ordered a couple. They were on my porch in a few days and although it's a pain to get them on, they work like a charm! Good product for sure.

Charles Olson
Good option for going tubeless

After a month with tubes, I replaced the factory Trek Farley 9.6 strips with these new ones. The existing strips became mis-shaped over the rim cutouts—making it difficult to get rim tape to seal. After taping the rim with 78 mm STS tape (for Mulefut 80 rim) I added the tube back in to help the tire bead and seal the tape to the rim overnight. Next day, I replaced the tube, installed the tubeless valve stem, and added sealant through the valve stem. No leaks in a month of riding.


Worked great! Had to stretch it out some before using

Matthew Hansen
Worked Perfect!

Good fit, use some muscle to install! Worked perfect for my conversion to Tubeless on the factory Sun Ringle Mulfut 80s that came on my Farley 5.

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