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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Carl West
      So we're gonna go ahead and write a review....

      My Hayes Stroker Trail brakes were becoming soft at the levers, so I decided the proper thing to do was to bleed them. Bought the Hayes Pro Bleed Kit and sat down to watch the Hayes Brake Bleed video on YouTube. The first time through the video I got a little distracted by how many times the guy said, "so now we're gonna go ahead and {insert action}." I watched again with a careful eye for the section on the Stroker Trail brakes, but I missed it, again, somehow. I decided I had the Pro Bleed Kit so I was gonna go ahead and bleed my brakes as best I could copying off the other brakes on the video. I opened the wonderfully packaged kit and was confronted by a multitude of hoses, syringes, brass fittings, plastic fittings, etc...overwhelming. I looked for the instructions and discovered the kit did not include instructions. Fortunately, I've ridden and raced mountain bikes since 1985, so I'm no neophyte. I cobbled up a system to transfer old fluid out and new fluid in and release all the air from the system using the parts I found in the kit. I now know what McGyver must feel like when he assembles a working contraption. Afterward, I wiped the excess brake fluid off the brakes, bike, floor, ceiling fan, and dog, and went out for a relaxing ride.


      Perfect. Everything I needed!

      So convenient

      This kit has everything you need. Super convenient box to pack everything into. Highly recommend

      Thanks for leaving us a review! Here is a quick video on bleeding your Dominion A4 Brakes too. Let us know if you have any questions.

      Kraig Batty
      Look ma. No mess

      Well thought out. Easy, clean!
      Not like the the other two S Sounding brakes i’ve been on

      Great Kit

      Of all the brands of brakes I've owned this bleed kit is the most well thought out and put together. Hayes continues to impress me!