Bienvenido Aguado + Hayes Dominion = Bar Raised

Bienvenido Aguado
Spanish Superman Signs On With Hayes As Both Look To Achieve New Heights
While Bienvenido might mean “welcome” in Spanish, when referencing the newest rider to join the Hayes family it can translate to “rider with no limits”. The Hayes staff, from top to bottom are happy to issue a heartfelt “bienvenido” to Bienve and are enthusiastic to see just how far we can push the limits together. The rider, based in Barcelona, is well known for his high-flying escapades and we feel confident that our equally fearless Dominion brakes can put him in a position fly even higher.
It is an honor for our brand to be built upon Bienvenido’s YT bikes and as per his own words, it appears to be an exciting and meaningful collaboration for him as well. Bienvenido states, “I had my first Hayes brakes in 2008, they were my very first hydraulic brakes and because of this I fell in love with the feeling of a powerful brake. Especially the rear brake. It is very important to me as I use it when I do front flips. I never thought I would work with such a cool brand that I have loved since my early days of mountain biking. I'm happy to share a future together, let's bring it on and make history!”
The perfect match between an ambitious brand and an athlete whose energy and enthusiasm knows no limits makes for a relationship from which only good can come. Stay tuned for bigger jumps and better products from this collaboration.
Hayes Dominion