Reynolds Gravel Series

Reynolds Gravel Wheels: One Family, Two Personalities

Reynolds, with its long tradition of producing sophisticated, reliable and extremely performance-oriented solutions for both road and off road, is pleased to introduce a collection of wheelsets designed specifically for the most unspecific discipline on two wheels: gravel. As the cycling world sees the lines blur between road and mtb with the rise of multi-surface riding, the engineers at the Reynolds R+D facility celebrated the opportunity to apply the expertise, technologies and systems used to create the finest wheels specifically designed for the tarmac or the trail, to develop an extremely versatile solution that excels on both. The challenge to make the industry’s best solution for gravel wheels was an interesting and complex one made all the more difficult by taking into consideration the diverse nature of the gravel enthusiasts.

the engineers at Reynolds HQ have identified two distinct camps with a large overlap and developed the ATR and G Series solutions as a result. Two very versatile solutions that are as similar as they are different as Reynolds have designed both with the same performance and reliable construction elements that have become a trademark for Reynolds wheels, while incorporating design characteristics that render ATR and G Series able to take on anything, but also excel in the extreme end of their intended use. In other words, the “specific versatility” of the ATR and G Series wheels make them stand out amongst the competition for general gravel riding whilst becoming a clear and evident winner when used for competition or extreme adventure respectively. Whether you prefer your multi-surfaced riding done via heads down racing or heads up adventure, Reynolds has you covered

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