Commencal21 Snowshoe DH

Words By: Charlie Julia Barthe

It was the first time for Angel and Pau. No one on the team had ever been to Snowshoe before, and that was the first concern or handicap for other riders who had ridden in the past. 
Snowshoe Track Walk
For the double event, we knew what we had to keep in reserve to be able to get to the second race in good condition.
The training went very well, with a lot of line work, a circuit with a lot of rocks, and pedaling areas. We didn't have any major mechanical problems and that was fundamental.
Pau had a pretty bad crash in training and for a moment we thought he wouldn't race in either of the two American races. But with physio work and a good bandage he was able to continue. 
Pau on track an Snowshoe
In the first race, Angel finished 16th and Pau 19th with another crash. Training on the second circuit, also with some areas with a lot of stones. The training went well, we managed to adjust Angel's bike even better.
Pau in the quali went off the circuit twice and Angel, being a quali that did not give points and he was protected, decided to throw himself and go looking at the other riders. 


FINAL Snowshoe 2:

What to say... Pau won the first 2 splits, in the third split he was second (his arm was starting to hurt from the operation), and in the 4th split, he was already 7th, finishing in the 6th position. Pau's compartment syndrome has been a problem throughout the season but thanks to his victory and his second-place he managed to finish third overall junior 2021. 
Angel Snowshoe race run
Angel had a perfect run, with some technical problems but it was more than enough to take third place 0.6 behind Loic Bruni. With that podium finish, Angel managed to finish 10th overall elite 2021 and ensure that he will be on RedBull Tv for another year and protected for the whole 2022 season. It had been 14 years since a Spaniard had been on the podium in the top category. 
Angel in the hot seat
Another good point is that we have finished in the 14th position of UCI teams and that gives us the possibility to be in 2022 UCI ELITE team with the advantages that this means!