Hayes becomes official sponsor of the Torpado Factory Team

Torpado Factory Team

New brakes, new suspension, new wheels, the Torpado Factory Team is preparing to face a 2023 season with an important and sparkling new image. Today, Monday 13 February, the team is honored to announce the entry as technical sponsors of the Hayes brands, the leading American company in the production of everything the rider needs for maximum performance in the race.

The season is upon us and the team from this year has the support of a group with solid foundations and clear objectives, the Torpado Factory Team will be the first team sponsored by Hayes to compete in the UCI Marathon World Cup . A shared vision and common goals led to an immediate feeling with the giant US group and to sign a multi-year support agreement for the team.

Counting on the reliability of reference products in the sector represents a plus for the performance and motivation of TorpRiders who realize the dream of being able to use products of immeasurable technical value and iconicity.

The set up of our Torpados will therefore boast Hayes Dominion brakes, Manitou suspension with R7 Pro fork, one of the icons of mountain biking, Mara shock absorber, Jack telescopic seatpost, Reynolds Blacklabel 309/289 wheels, with Sunriglé hubs, while the cockpit takes on the tones Protaper warmers with the Hyperlite handlebar.

Torpado Factory Team

Torpado Factory Team

Perfection and the pursuit of success are the driving forces of this project which brings the Torpado Factory Team to its debut in the World Cup as the first reality supported by Hayes and its brands. The team will be lucky enough to be able to compare themselves with the American technical experts and their know-how for accurate setups of the excellent products to aim for victory, in a collaboration that the athletes will help the company in the development of new products.

Hayes' sponsorship further raises the value of the team, which has followed the path of internationalization and has come to be linked to one of the most prestigious mountain bike brands in the world. For the team, the project shared with Hayes marks a further step forward in the evolution of a group of athletes who can concretely aim for the most important events on the international calendar.

Torpado Factory Team

Katazina Sosna with the Torpado ReNero equipped with the new Hayes components

Comment from team manager Sandro Lazzarin: “We are very happy to start this collaboration with the Hayes group which supplies us with some of its most prestigious components. Thanks to Hayes' vision which recognizes the marathon as a discipline destined to grow and thus great visibility of its products".

Hayes Brakes is a company founded in 1972 but is part of a company that has been producing braking systems for over 70 years and believes in the constant and never-ending search for braking perfection. World producers of braking systems for the US military, for Motorsport which boasts an important infrastructure capable of creating products with performance well above the average, Dominion is their reference set for the highest performances.

Manitou has been involved in the design of suspensions with a fluid sinking system for decades, with light and at the same time extremely rigid structures. Manitou products make no compromises in quality, with styling and construction that stand out from the crowd.

Reynolds develops, designs, and manufactures 100% of products in-house for a wide range of lightweight, high-performance wheels for mountain, road, gravel, and ebikes. The first to have made wheels in composite material and guarantee their products for life. Protaper is the brand that allows our athletes to ride their Torpado, with light and reliable handlebars and stems at every moment of the race. With Hayes alongside the team, an intense season full of important appointments begins, which will have the new UCI Marathon World Cup as its fulcrum.

Torpado Factory Team