Into the Sun | Portugal by Bike

Rider & Author: Hannes Klausner
Photography: Christoph Beiner

Let´s go to Portugal for some warm, late autumn bike shreds, sunny coastal views and after a nice ride, some sunset beers at the beach. Exactly what we went to Portugal for until everything went different...

We tried to make the most of our first day and built the bike upon arrival. Little did we know, it would be the last of the sun on our adventure.

What scenery on a dream trail like this – with the sun fighting against the weather.

Clouds came in fast and the presented the only sunset we were lucky to even have. Skies were getting dark and opened themselves for a massive downpour, bringing with it tons of mist that lingered during our visit.

Not what we came there for and not really at all what we expected but it turned out way better! We just needed that few little moments like this to open our eyes to the beauty that mother nature is creating for us and all the opportunities that were coming with it.

Portugal_Hannes 5

Portugal_Hannes 6

From that point we spontaneously changed our plans from day-to-day and as a result, got to experience some of the most epic and breathtaking bike rides ever.

Portugal_Hannes 8 
Raw trees in the mist forming a perfect frame.

Portugal_Hannes 9
So much fun to ride through the mist around natural corners on wet and loose underground.
Portugal_hannes 10
I really loved carving my signature moves into an awesome landscape like this without any shoveling or shaping, trying to ride and use nature as it is.

I mean, what could be better than being out there and riding a bike through these wonderful misty woods, covered in fresh green leaves?

Portugal_Hannes 11
If you´re dreaming of a perfect place to ride a bike trail through, this is it for sure.

Portugal_hannes 14 
It´s truly like a dream world that you don´t wanna wake up from.

Portugal_hannes 16

We even took the chance to use the bad weather for some rare coastal photos that I´ll never forget. 

Portugal_Hannes 18 
I´d rather choose this once in a lifetime scenery than some everyday, blue-sky-sundown. What a moment! 

Portugal_Hannes 19
Portugal_Hannes 20

It´s all about taking chances! And there is a lot that life has got for us. It´s on us to see and take them as they are.

Portugal_Hannes 25
Portugal_Hannes 31

Portugal_Hannes 26 Today was a good day. 

I'm so thankful that mountain biking has allowed me to get out there, have fun in whatever conditions, and for giving me experiences like these. 

Portugal_Hannes 27

Portugal_Hannes 28
Portugal_Hannes 30
Portugal_Hannes 29

Take your time, think about it and again enjoy all these pictured moments that we collected for you. Get stoked to get out there, ride your bike every day and appreciate every single moment doing what you love.     

Thank you to the country of Portugal for one hell of an awesome ride.
                                   Portugal_hannes 32

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