2024 Redbull Hardline Wales x HAYES

The Red Bull Hardline Wales, in its 10th anniversary edition, will go down in history as one of the best-ever editions of the race. Perhaps one of the most difficult courses ever put together and a star studded roster of unimaginable talent made for a spectacle to be watched for years to come. Hayes Dominion was proud to at the service of some of the most exciting riders involved in the event…with nearly 25% of the field choosing the brakes popular for #stoppingtheunstoppable. Not only was it a popular choice amongst athletes at the prestigious event, but the Hayes brakes represented 3 out of the top 10 brakes in the final standings.

An amazing 3rd place from Hardline Rookie Juanfer Velez came after a performance that wowed the crown online and on location alike. Charlie Hatton, of Atherton Racing, landed a 4th place finish, showing that those world champ stripes on his jersey together with Purple Hayes Dominion brakes are a match made for top results. Sam Blenkinsop brought home a fantastic 8th place and rounded out the hayes Dominion top 10… showing the well rounded nature of Hayes athletes as well (3 continents, 3 nationalities, 3 top 10!)

Congrats to the whole crew of unstoppable Hayes Dominion athletes.

Juanfer Velez – 3rd Place overall
Charlie Hatton – 4th place
Sam Blenkinsop – 8th place
Sebastian Holguin
Brendan Fairclough
Gee Atherton – unofficial participant.