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Reynolds Blacklabel 307 and 309 Enduro and DH Wheels
Reynolds Blacklabel 307 and 309 Enduro and DH Wheels

Internal Width: 30 mm

Sizes Available: 27.5’’ (aka “307”) and 29’’ (aka “309”)

Material: Carbon Fiber

Stated Weight:

  • Blacklabel 309 Enduro Pro Wheelset: 1,834 g
  • Blacklabel 309 Enduro Expert Wheelset: 1,870 g
  • TR 309 Enduro Wheelset: 1,943 g
  • Blacklabel 309 DH Expert Wheelset: n/a


  • Blacklabel 309 Enduro Pro Wheelset: $2,300
  • Blacklabel 309 Enduro Expert Wheelset: $1,900
  • TR 309 Enduro Wheelset: $1,450
  • Blacklabel 309 DH Expert Wheelset: $1,900

Blister’s Measured Weight:

  • Blacklabel 309 Enduro Pro Front: 847 g
  • Blacklabel 309 Enduro Pro Rear: 986 g
  • Total: 1,833 g

Bolted To: Contra MC, Trek Slash, & [REDACTED Future Bike]

Reviewer: 6’, 170 lb / 183 cm, 77.1 kg

Test Locations: Washington & British Columbia

Test Duration: 6 months

Reynolds has been making carbon-fiber bike wheels for awhile now. The gravity wheel line has been updated with newer versions of the Enduro and DH offerings. This results in three new rim versions and multiple diameter options, for a total of eight new wheels. In keeping with Reynolds’ typical naming conventions, the new Blacklabel 307 and 309 wheels feature a 30 mm internal width in 27.5’’ and 29’’ diameters, respectively, and are offered in Enduro and DH versions; the TR 307 and 309 wheels bring a less exotic, more affordable carbon fiber layup to the same rim profile, in an Enduro build only (no DH version).


Blacklabel Enduro Pro

Blacklabel Enduro Expert

TR Enduro

Blacklabel Downhill Expert

To achieve their goals of increased vertical compliance, Reynolds has dramatically overhauled the profile of the new rims, bumping the internal width out to 30 mm (from 28 mm) and reducing the cross-section height to 20.5 mm (from 29 mm). The new, significantly shallower rims are said to be nearly 40% more compliant than the prior-generation 287 / 289 versions in the top-tier Blacklabel versions, and by about 30% for the less-expensive TR offering. Both the Enduro and DH versions of the rims share the same overall dimensions, including their 37 mm outer width, but the DH wheels use 32-hole drilling for additional strength and stiffness, while the Enduro versions drop down to 28 spokes to save a little weight and make the wheels a touch less stiff; Reynolds says that the Blacklabel Enduro and DH rims are essentially the same apart from spoke drilling.

Reynolds has done a very good job of making a burly Enduro wheelset at an impressively low weight, and they have improved the ride quality quite a bit when compared to their offerings of old.

The Blacklabel 309 Enduro Pro is still a relatively stiff, precise-feeling wheel, but one that’s up-to-date and well within modern norms for a gravity-oriented carbon wheel, rather than feeling super stout to the point of being harsh. They’re a particularly compelling option if you need a strong wheelset and are willing to pay for some notable weight savings.

Reynolds Blacklabel 309 Trail Pro