Every Ride is a Competition

The acronym ATR stands for ALL TERRAIN ROAD and the collection of wheels to which it corresponds is the perfect solution for riders who prefer to experience their adventure at speed. All terrain road is, as its name would suggest, a design that mates road performance with off road resilience, making for a perfect solution for riders looking for a competitive advantage no matter the surface.

The 40mm deep rims have been aerodynamically optimized to reduce drag while maintaining stability by way of a meticulously studied shape that considers all wind angles. The wider, snub-nosed aero design took into consideration the larger sized tires used for mixed terrain riding and was developed accordingly.

The hooked, tubeless ready, 23mm internal channel (32mm external) rims are perfectly compatible with both road and gravel tires from 28mm to 45mm.

The rims are built using our CR3 layup process making for an extremely lightweight yet amazingly durable construction worthy of the brand’s lifetime guarantee.

Efficiency comes not only in the form of aero design and lightweight construction but also by including hubs that, throughout the range, incorporate sophisticated technologies to reduce rolling resistance and increasing power transfer into forward movement.

The ATR has all the numbers in its favor for the rider who enjoys numbers pinned to his or her back as they are fast, efficient and reliable enough to not only compete but also win on the tarmac, gravel or both.