2024 Redbull Hardline Wales x MANITOU


Anyone who had a chance to see the terrain at the Red Bull Hardline Wales would have been amazed and anyone who saw the actual course built on said terrain would have been shocked to think about actually racing, for time, on such a track. However, the star studded event had both the talent and competitive nature necessary to ensure not only survival during the event, but fierce competition and top performance. Manitou was proud to have had two exciting riders from Colombia, who were in turn happy to have shown up with a loyal ally in the form of Dorado Pro and Mara Pro suspension products to smooth out such an amazingly insidious terrain. In a combination of extreme motivation, undoubtable talent and super smooth suspension Juanfer Velez wowed the crowd with a performance that will live on with him till the end of his career. Congratulations on such an amazing performance!

Juanfer Velez
Sebastian Holguin