Diego Rosa brings the tricolor to the Torpado Kenda Factory, ready to make history!

Five participations in the Giro d'Italia, two Tour de France and two Vueltas, a Milan-Turin victory and a second place in the Lombardia, the Torpado Kenda Factory is proud to welcome Diego Rosa , an athlete who left mountain biking at a very young age to compete his cards on the road by playing for 10 years among some of the most important teams on the international scene and now he has the space and desire to return to the fat wheels to write another exciting chapter.

Results are not enough to describe an athlete like Diego Rosa, a pure climber, capable of triggering the strongest emotions in the public and spectators. The Piedmontese rider, with his dazzling smile and the character of a true captain, has reached people's hearts through disciplines, a two-wheel star ready to shine on the bikes that the team will equip him with, the Torpado Renero and Ribot

A dream come true, bringing an athlete who has written history and still has so much to say, to ride on the all-Italian products of the Torpado company.

“The story with Torpado is a story that began many years ago, there was a first contact but I had already signed up to race on the road, then 2 years ago I took part in a couple of mountain bike races including the Italian one. On that occasion Sandro saved my start because I had a flat tire a few minutes before the start, he gave me a hand by lending me the pump and there he made his first proposal". Diego will join a rapidly growing working group thanks to the presence of high-calibre partners and reference athletes on the international scene who are part of the Torpado Kenda Factory in a year of great relaunch.

The tricolor joins the Torpado brand for a combination of great prestige, Diego Rosa in fact in his return to mountain bike competitions last year promptly won the tricolor marathon title which dramatically amplifies the attention around the team. For an Italian team with a vocation for internationalization it is a great success to be able to count the presence of the Italian specialty champion.

“ Last year I started knowing that when the races were tough but not very technical I could be there to compete, but I knew that inexperience would also play an important role. This year I start again with much more awareness, I have improved technically and I know the routes, now I know that in long and hard races I can always be placed and I am much more calm. I wear the tricolor shirt I wear with pride and I want to make him make a good impression, I will honor it to the full."

The team's ambitions, with the inclusion of a rediscovered biker who demonstrated last year that he knows how to manage not only distance and climbs but also technical races, grow by taking advantage of a complete roster of immense value that can aim for positions of the podium on every single occasion.

“In 2023 I started practically without objectives, but this year I want to win those tough races in which last year I could have been in front, namely the World Cup races, the Dolomite classics, Italian, European and world championships. I always want to be competitive in these races. The team's calendar is top level and I know that there will never be quiet Sundays, the parterre will be fierce and this is stimulating."

With Diego, together with the other precious elements of the team, concrete common objectives are achieved in the most important competitions, starting from the stage races at the beginning of the season, passing through the Cape Epic in which the team will be present with a formation that will have the jersey as its flagship. Diego's tricolor, passing through the World Cup trials in which Diego had already achieved a podium last year, on par with Casey South, two fundamental players in the rugged Dolomite races.

“I will go to the Cape Epic with the tricolor magic and this is one of those occasions that don't happen often in life, it's one of the reasons why I absolutely want to do it well”, in the team he will be supported by international athletes of reference, “The beauty of this year is also to be part of an international group, I am very happy to race with Casey South who last year was one of my fiercest opponents uphill, I will have to learn a lot from Jakob especially from a technical point of view, we have already been in the national team together and then there will be another addition of great value for the team, also a foreigner and with a lot of experience and Andrea who is still a very young boy. It's a great group with great ambitions, I can't wait to get started.”

“ The addition of Diego Rosa - comments team manager Sandro Lazzarin - means a lot. We have arrived at the end of 2023 with the awareness of having two very strong young people, probably the strongest at the moment, Casey South with very important climbing skills which led him to battle with Diego in various circumstances and Jakob Dorigoni. These two young people needed an important reference capable of instilling them with confidence and determination. The new signings are aimed at bringing experience and knowledge to achieve maximum results. Diego will be an important player and a boost for the entire team. In just one season he managed to gain a place among the strongest in the world by demonstrating top rider performances. The goal is to achieve as many results as possible in Italy and abroad and Diego is the ace in the machine for us, the piece that was missing to help the team mature."

Diego Rosa has already had the Torpado Renero , the full racing bike with which he is carrying out the first tests of the materials, from the new Kenda tires on Reynolds wheels, through to Manitou suspensions.

Diego Rosa's first official outing with the new competition uniform will take place in just a few days from the south of Spain to participate together with Jakob Dorigoni in the Leyenda de Tartessos.

Welcome Diego!