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      "Hayes have managed to create a particularly lightweight braking system with the Dominion T2 without compromising on performance...."

      -- ENDURO Magazine Design & Innovation Award Jury


      Carbon Fiber Experts

      Partnering with the Carbon Fiber Experts at Reynolds, Dominion features a hand laid and finished carbon lever produced in-house.

      Low Effort, Predictable Feel

      The T2 follows the Dominion family philosophy of a low-effort system with predictable, progressive ramp-up and a crisp bite point. An added glide ring on the master cylinder piston and sealed ball bearings at the lever blade pivot to reduce overall friction and provide a featherlight lever feel.

      Stable Rate Linkage (SRL)  delivers a consistent lever ratio regardless of lever position.

      The Best, Better.

      Precise CNC machining, titanium hardware, aluminum backing plates reduce weight

      Modal Resonance Cancellation (MRC)

      The FEA-optimized modal shapes of our D-Series rotors are intentionally designed to oppose those of Semi-Met T106 and Sintered T100 pads, canceling out noise and vibration.

       T2 pads and D Series rotors utilize our proprietary QuickBite² system for a fast and consistent burnish.

      Crosshair Alignment System

      Patented alignment screws allow for quick and accurate setup

      Titanium Hardware and CNC MAchining Reduces Weight

      2-Stroke Dual Port Bleed System
      Dual port bleed port system for maximum bleed integrity.

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