Lucas Frigout Purple Hayes


The title of UNSTOPPABLE is bestowed upon those who see limits as mere obstacles to overcome. Such athletes stop only on THEIR terms, when and where THEY want. The HOW is taken care of by Hayes as #stoppingtheunstoppable has been its core focus since the brand's inception.

Lucas has been cycling since a very young age. He discovered the world of two wheels through BMX at the age of four, and a few years later, he felt the desire to change and start mountain biking. He first tried downhill (DH), and after a few seasons of competing in the World Cup, he turned to Enduro.

That’s when he understood that his passion went beyond mere competition.

He began going on adventures, riding on various slopes and mountains, like some sort of expedition. Living in the French Alps, he knew that a true love for cycling meant being ready to ride in any condition, with weather not being a hindrance to his practice. Snow, rain, cold, and of course, good weather all equally motivated him to ride his bike. These varied conditions presented completely different ways of riding, and that’s what he loved.

Hayes Dominion, #StoppingTheUnstoppable. Proudly stopping Lucas.

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