2022 EWS Finals - Loudonville

2022 EWS Finals - Loudonville

The EWS finals in Loudonville France has been and delivered...rain and some amazing tracks and serious drama. 

With a mixed bag of different dirt and rocks here, rain coming in, the tracks were very unpredictable and icy slippery. The pro stage got brought forward  an hour straight out the gate due to worries of thunder storms. Morgane came out of the gate hammering and took the win by almost 6 seconds with Eddie having a nightmare in 40th and Matt riding solid for 13th.

It rained half the night for finals days but looked to be clear through the day with track conditions super hard to predict. Unfortunately, the first stage went south for the boys with Matt slicing his tyre in the first minute and Eddie having a few crashes...Morgane also slid out a little with a 4th place that would be here worst stage of the day. 


Eddie pushed hard all day but unfortunately never found his groove with either over riding and sliding out or just riding too safe and not quick enough. 22nd on the day but enough for 5th overall in the world series!!

Matt soon got into things with some top 10 stages clawing back time after the flat tyre and managed a 12th place on the day. After missing the round last week with his leg infection Matt finished in a very impressive 10th series overall! 


Morgane smashed it...and if you don't know...well she did! After winning the pro stage she went on to win 3 more stages and the last one of the day by 10 seconds securing the WIN...an unbelievable ride and show of determination to get a win in 2022! 

Pivot Factory Racing 2022 EWS Team Champions

After an amazing year for the team we won the Team Championship by over 900 points. Such a cool feeling after winning in an asterisk covid year but coming back and taking the title once again!