Fort William World Cup

Fort William World Cup

Words By: Bernard Kerr
Photos By: Boris Beyer


If you did miss anything from round 1 in Lourdes Eddie finished in 48th, Jenna our new Junior girl in 6th at her first ever world cup and myself in 20th with a slow flat tyre.

After a small break to re group, get some extra training in we were back this past week at a very wet and windy Fort William.



Known as one of the longest and toughest tracks on the circuit we were in for a challenging week. The track had returned to some "old" parts and a slightly awkward woods section. The first day started off dry-ish which was about the last time we saw some sun all week. Jenna got into things learning the long track for the first ever time and realizing how hard it was going to be come race day and in a full run. Amazingly taking it in her stride like we've come to learn so fast! Matt was now also back with the team for the season but after the airline lost his bag for days, he started off practice in jeans and a jersey. 


Fort William Track Walk


Eddie and I benefitting from later A practice and timed practice actually saw the weather go from okay to rain with the track starting to get super rough. Bernard laid down a super nice smooth timed practice run into 5th place....Eddie experimented with some new lines with a crash in one and then high winds blowing him off track on the second timed run resulting in an even bigger crash he was lucky to walk away from.


Fort William World Cup Practice


Qualifying day and the miserable drizzly rain had really set in. Jenna was ready, smiling and excited for the wet riding for some amazing reason..! Her main goal being able to hold on at the bottom of the almost 6 minute track, slotting into a very respectable 5th place. Matt still missing his kit and coming off shoulder surgery decided to play it smart on the now very very rough track and instead make his come back to racing at the EWS in 2 weeks time. Eddie had a "sketchy" run in his words but rode it to 17th place ready for the Live show Sunday. I felt great all day doing a full run in practice, pedaled super hard after what I thought was just solid run into 5th place making it my best ever qualifying position ready for a big day Sunday!


Ft. William World Cup 2022 Pivot Factory Racing


Race day came and the rain hadn't stopped but neither had the crowds of fans entering! It was an unbelievable atmosphere after 2 years out of Fort William due to the pandemic. With the junior race being so early on Sunday morning Jenna was eager to get it done! After a great run she made a tiny but costly mistake in the woods having to go around the Redbull road gap costing her a lot of time. She hammered hard to the line and finished in an amazing 4th place! 


Ft. William Jenna Hastings crossing the finish line


Eddie was up next and felt good after re grouping in practice and dialing in some new lines. Stoked to be back on the Live feed Eddie was hyped to bring it in to the top 10 but after the ever changing conditions and gusty winds he rode a little tight and safe but still finished in a very good 19th place!


Fort William World Cup


I was feeling great and was weirdly enjoying the dreary rainy conditions and hyped to send it hard in front of the huge home crowd...unfortunately the universe had other ideas. After a solid start to the run around 2 minutes into the run I smashed my chain guide so hard forcing the cranks to jam. Trying to peal but locking up twice on the way around I decided not to risk trying to pedal and just pump the rest of the way down....gutted after crossing the line I realized the whole chain device was now missing....a solid 16th place finish but not what was achievable or expected on race day....we will be back for more in a few weeks at Leogang!